Restaurant in Nigeria Raided & Shut down for Serving Human Meat (Update)

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*Don’t shoot the messenger, ‘K?

This story is horrifying, but unfortunately, that doesn’t make it any less true. Here in America, stories of cannibalism are still far-fetched. We hear about them, we shake our head and say something like, “Eww, that’s horrible,” and keep it moving.

On to the next thing.

But it might hit a little closer to home when it comes to what a restaurant may be serving. Especially since we have heard some incredibly despicable things being done in eateries as of late.

And although this most-gross-story-ever happened in Africa, like I said, it might hit a bit closer to home.

Disclaimer: You will find this absolutely gross.

The BBC reports residents of a small town in Nigeria complained to police that they were suspicious of a restaurant in town that may be serving human flesh to their customers.

When the police did a surprise raid at the restaurant, they discovered fresh human heads that were still bleeding. The blood was in the process of being drained into a plastic bag.

Could be?
Could be?

Not only that, police also discovered automatic weapons, grenades, and cell phones. Nearly a dozen people were arrested in connection with the crimes. According to one resident, “Every time I went to the market, I observed strange activities going on in the hotel. People who were never cleanly dressed and who looked a bit strange made their way in and out of the hotel, making me very suspicious of their activities. I am not surprised at the shocking revelation.”

And a priest who ate at the restaurant was shocked when he got such a high bill for the meal he had just consumed. The 700 Naira bill, which translates into roughly $3.50 (Tens of millions of people in Nigeria subsist on less than $1 a day) made the attendant try to justify the price by telling him it was the meat he had just consumed–which the priest says was a very small piece. The priest added, “I did not know I had been served with human meat, and that it was that expensive.”



UPDATE: Soon after we posted this, a reader contacted us and said it is a hoax, that has been making annual rounds and says a site called verified this. I have never heard of the source who said this or the site it alludes to.


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