Now Ya’ Know: Young Couple Gets to See Themselves Age to 90 (Watch)

Couple aged to 90

*Now I know what some folks are thinking as they look at the photo of the lovely young couple above – after reading the headline. And yes, some people will and do age better than others.

But that’s not the point of this story.

Have you ever really thought about how you and your “forever love” will look as you move forward in years?

Imagine being given the gift of knowing this…right now.

Knowing exactly how you will look in your 50’s, 70’s, and 90’s.

Kristie and Tavis (shown above) are an engaged couple who was given such a gift–thanks to an experiment with Cut Video and Field Day (along with the magic of makeup and some old family photos).

The young couple’s journey turned from giggles to tears as they became more emotional with each turn of the age-page.

When Kristie saw how she looked at 50, she said, “Yeah. I’m gonna look just like my mother one day!”

While Tavis was a bit somber as they whizzed through their 70’s saying, “I can’t help but think about what the potential last 50 years were.”

And finally, as they have conceivably experienced life with each other through their 90’s the couple is asked:

“What would be the last words you guys would say to each other?”

“There are so many things. I couldn’t be without you and will never be without,” says a crying Tavis. And Kristie, also in tears says: “Being about to get married and embarking on all that, I couldn’t be more sure that this is what I want.”

Aww…sniffle, sniffle, blow.

Watch the extraordinary video below and just imagine being in this couples’ shoes.

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