Celebrated for Leaving the Ghetto, Graduated Harvard, Now Busted With Drugs…Huh?

Corey Waller’s viewpoint is about to change.

*OK, you’ve read the headline. Now imagine the sound of a screeching car and feel free to ponder this question:

Brother, are you kidding us right now?

This is the sentiment from hordes of people who are shell-shocked about the recent arrest of Corey Lamont Waller; who went against all odds when he was lifted up from an impoverished life in Louisville, became an accomplished athlete and entered the prestigious Harvard University–where he excelled and graduated in 2006.

All of this, only to lose everything because he made the ridiculously stupid choice to possess marijuana…200-400 pounds of it.

Now, following an arrest after Louisville officers discovered the marijuana in his Q-2 Self storage locker, he has been charged with trafficking marijuana, and carrying a concealed deadly weapon, according to reports by the Courier Journal.

Waller, who tried to run away once he saw the officers approaching, was raised by a single mother in the projects of Louisville. He spent a good part of his childhood in and out of homeless shelters, but found a way out of seemingly no way when he entered high school and began playing football. His high aptitude and 3.9 GPA got him into the National Honor Society. And he was obviously shown a hard-work ethic because he held down two part time jobs in the process.

When he was arrested, police found a loaded gun in his 2015 Cadillac, more marijuana and large amounts of cash.

Larry McDonald, Waller’s mentor at the Louisville Lincoln Foundation’s program for disadvantaged youth, is utterly flabbergasted at this latest turn of events in Waller’s journey, and wonders aloud,

“Where did we go wrong?”

Upon seeing Waller’s mugshot on TV, former Metro Councilwoman Denise Bentley, who the athlete and scholar had lived with during his high school years, said it was like “somebody socked me in the stomach.”

In 2010, Waller posted on his Facebook account:

I’m so serious about my career and thank God for granting me the opportunity to do what I do as a professional every day. 

Louisville lawyer Tracy Davis–a family friend– says Waller, who listed himself as “unemployed” on the police report, was making “good money” so none of this makes sense.

He had worked as a medical and pharmaceuticals sales rep.

In 2002, Waller was the subject of a feature with the Courier-Journal and offered the following quote about his life and upbringing:

“I had structure and support — things got better. I give credit to God and my aunt.”

 Waller has pleaded not guilty to the charges and is being held on a $25,000 cash bond.






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  1. WTH!!! Dude really!! Is there something hou desparately needed that you couldnt continue to work for. SMH. The fast money & materialistic things come easy & quickly gone! It’s never worth

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