Watch: Michigan Senator Arrested & Charged for Allegedly Shooting at Wife…Now Free on Bond


*Investigators showed up at the home of Michigan State Senator Virgil Smith and arrested him.

Smith, 36, was taken to jail from his home in Detroit on Sunday, Fox 2 reports. They say the senator was outside, completely naked, firing his gun, allegedly at his ex-wife, Anita Thomas, around 1 o’clock in the morning.

Thomas was not injured, but her Mercedes Benz was.

“In investigating, looking at the vehicle, it appears that the vehicle had, what appeared to be ten rounds fired into it, possibly,” Detroit Police Chief James Craig said.

Smith was said to have been completely naked when the shooting occurred after the two had an altercation. Smith said his former wife had become enraged when she showed up at the home and his girlfriend was there.

According to the lawmaker, Thomas began banging on the bedroom window and after he answered, he says she “kicked the door open and pushed (past) him.”

senator accused of shooting at wifey

A police report states:

(The ex-wife) went into (Smith’s) bedroom and observed a female … in (Smith’s) bed. (Smith) stated that (the ex-wife) attempted to attack (the girlfriend). (Smith) grabbed (his ex-wife); they fell backwards, knocking over the television. (Smith) stated that (his ex-wife) attempted to attack (his girlfriend) again.

He grabbed (his ex-wife) and forced her out of his house.

After going back to check on his girlfriend, Smith told police that he “observed (his ex-wife) throwing a chair at his house windows.”

(Smith) then stated he did the most stupid thing in his life; he shot (the ex-wife’s) vehicle.

But Thomas’ story differs significantly. She told police that she had been invited to the home and Smith was naked when he answered the door; then he proceeded to beat her and after that, began shooting at the car as she sought shelter at a neighbors house.

“The specific allegations were aggravated assault with a gun and malicious destruction of property only,” Craig continued, with regard to the senator.

Watch the video news report directly below, then scroll down for the UPDATE.

UPDATE: Senator Virgil Smith was arraigned today on felony assault, domestic violence and other charges in Detroit’s 36th District Court.

A plea of “not guilty” was entered by the court for Smith, who appeared in court on video. Magistrate Millicent D. Sherman set Smith’s bond at $25,000, and he had to post 10% to be released.

Smith posted bond and walked out of the Detroit Detention Center shortly after 4:50 p.m. according to police.

He declined to comment to a Free Press reporter as he got into a vehicle driven by his attorney, Godfrey Dillard.


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