Think 911 Operators Have No Heart, You’re Wrong: Watch This!

A very grateful Clarence Blackmon
Clarence Blackmon called 911 because he was hungry and had no food.

When an elderly man from North Carolina called 911 because he was hungry, had no food, no relatives nearby, and has cancer, his call landed on the ears of an angel.

To many people, 911 operators are perceived as cold and heartless. They just want the facts.

‘Where are you, ma’am.’

‘Sir, can you speak up , I can’t hear you.’

‘Just stay on the line honey, help is on the way. Now what was that address again?’

But on the day 83-year-old Clarence Blackmon called, he got operator Marilyn Hinson, who ended up doing much more than “her job.”

Blackmon had returned to a home with an empty refrigerator after months of being in the hospital being treated for cancer.

When he called 911 and got operator Marilyn Hinson he said, “I can’t go anywhere. I can’t get out of my damn chair.”

You can hear Hinson saying, “OK, ok.” But you would probably never expect her to go out and buy groceries and then hand deliver them to Blackmon’s home.

Marilyn Hinson answered Blackmon's call and went to purchase groceries for him.
Marilyn Hinson answered Blackmon’s call and went to purchase groceries for him.

But this is what she did, and cameras were there to capture it as she, and two men, presumably medical technicians, entered the home.

Hinson understands Blackmon’s plight more than many. She admits that she, too, knows what it feels like to be hungry.

Blackmon, who is seen in the video enjoying a ham sandwich, will have a home helper soon that will look after his needs.

Well done, Ms. Hinson!

Watch the touching video from ABC directly below.

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