Watch: Principal Recants Apology, Son Addresses ‘Y’all N*ggers’ on Social Media

Son of principal
Travis Gordeuk

*Well now that the principal who made the remark “Look, all the black people are leaving” has done exactly what she said she didn’t want to do: spoil her students graduation ceremony, she has obviously been toiling it around in her head; and has since recanted the apology she had made, saying she is “no racist.”

In other words, she is taking the apology back.

And if you don’t believe her, or have a problem with that, her son, who looks like he is fresh out of an I want to be Eminem fantasy, has invited ‘Y’all n*ggers’ to take it up with him.

Nancy Gordeuk ended up apologizing for the comment above after she got a lot of heat and disapproval from the public (and probably her board of directors). She blamed her words on frustration and the heat of the moment, pretty much saying she felt for the valedictorian who she had mistakenly dismissed, along with the graduating class and supporters in the auditorium; who she had a hard time getting to come back in.

Nancy Gordeuk

But since that apology (Scroll down for video), Gordeuk sounds like she has rescinded.

‘It was not a statement of racism, it was just my frustration,’ she said to WSB-TV. But later, elaborates, and tells  NBC News, “I am not a racist, I didn’t know ‘black people’ was a racist term.”

And for the record, no, ‘black people ‘ is not a racist term. But as is the case with anything, it is how you say something, not what you say that people will remember.

And the comment itself sparked controversy because of its tone.

The comment was said with such venom, judgment and degradation; and implied it was something people should have expected, and not be surprised by, that proved insulting to the audience and graduates who left.

But this whole thing would have died down eventually, as everything does. I suppose Gordeuk should have told this to her son, Travis Gordeuk, before he decided to jump on social media and make bad matters worse by using a term that IS racist to allegedly defend his mother’s actions.

Of course, he has since deleted the posts, but he can’t possibly think that was going to change anything.

First watch the video of Nancy Gordeuk explaining herself below. Then scroll down to see the Instagram posts by her son.

If ever there was a “Like mother, like son” judgment to be made, this might be the time.

Watch Gordeuk explain herself to the media.

And take a look at the “invitation” her son posts for anyone who has a problem with it. It’s a two-parter!

Son of principal, Instagram

And part 2…

Son of principal, Instagram2

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