ThisNthat Quickbits: ‘Just Nasty’: Girls on Japanese Game Show Blow Cockroach into Each Others’ Mouth (Watch)

girls blow cockroach

*Is it any surprise that even after the farcical stunts pulled on a show like “Fear Factor” – hosted by Joe Rogan – we still get grossed out when people do nasty stuff?

I won’t even go into details on all the crap that show has put people through just for the sake of money.

But now a game show in Japan is in on the act. And two contestants have taken on the challenge of blowing the nastiest of insects–a cockroach– a BIG one, into each others’ mouth.

That’s just nasty!


So back and forth the huge cockroach goes. From scarcely reaching the mouth of one girl, who successfully blows it towards the mouth of the other. This goes on for about half a second and then…


That sucker is straight down the throat of the girl on the right; who looks mortified.

I wonder if that roach was alive. And how much poop it had consumed before it found its forever home.

And you’ve just got to read the commentary on this at Barstool Sports. It’s hilariously entertaining because the guy doesn’t hold back as he gives his take on the video.

Thanks for the heads up on this from Huffington Post.

Watch the girls in action directly below.

2 thoughts on “ThisNthat Quickbits: ‘Just Nasty’: Girls on Japanese Game Show Blow Cockroach into Each Others’ Mouth (Watch)”

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