ThisNthat Quickbits: Just in Time for Mother’s Day–The Worst Mama Selfie’s Ever!


Oh god. Whatever have we done?

In a plethora of narcissistic indulgence, here are dozens of examples showing how some women won’t let anything get in the way of them taking that all-important selfie.

With that said, some of the photos show what can be assumed are the mother’s of the young children seen with them in the photos. The women are in a variety of poses while their children either act as photographers or are simply being ignored as the adult snaps her selfie.

Let the fun begin!

In the photo below, the woman snaps a selfie while her young son, probably bored to death in that dressing room, appears to be banging his head against the wall for attention stands by.

60-worst-mother-selfies-of-all-time (1)

And in a photo that may as well read, “who says morbidly obese can’t be sexy?” this woman somehow got up on a vanity table and obviously asked granny – who is reflected in the mirror – to do her a favor and snap her picture.

bathroom-mirror-funny-profile-photos-151 (1)

And how about this sexy mom, posing in her fish-net stockings and leather bustier in the restroom, while her young daughter acts as photographer.


The crying baby below is just going to have to wait because mommy is busy with some important stuff, dammit!


“You’d better not be playing with mommy’s lighter back there, boo!”


“You got this, right, sugar?”


Oh darn, we have to go. But you don’t! So if you want more (and there’s lots) check out the “60 Worst Selfies” hereAnd if that’s still not enough, here is “16 Best Selfie Fails.”

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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