Oh Sheryl Underwood! How Can We Be Down With a Tyson Beckford Lap Dance?

Tyson Beckford gives "The Talk" co-host, Sheryl Underwood, an 'Oh so hot' lap dance.
Tyson Beckford gives “The Talk” co-host, Sheryl Underwood, an ‘Oh so hot’ lap dance. (Source: TMZ)

*I guess she got it like that! That’s what women are thinking, whether they cop to it or not, about Sheryl Underwood being on the receiving end of a way down and dirty lap dance by gorgeous Tyson Beckford.


We knew it had been a good minute since we’ve seen Mr. Beckford out and about, and now I guess we know what he’s been doing? Brushing up on… stuff. 

He is working that grind like a man who has done this before…on several occasions. And where on earth did he get that move that allows her to put his underwear on? We know it wasn’t fake because…Well look, I’ve already said too much!

Oh this is too hot to handle! Now the only question is: was it legal?

I guess y’all are going to have to decide that for yourself.

Take a look at the TMZ video that is sure to go viral, if it hasn’t already.

OK, here’s the big reveal. Beckford actually treated “The Talk” co-host while she was in Las Vegas this past weekend. The model turned actor was promoting http://images.intellitxt.com/ast/adTypes/icon1.png the highly anticipated film, Chocolate City. But I’ll bet there was a lot of ad lib in that promotion if you get my drift.

And Sheryl looked like she was about to have a conniption right there. I don’t think she was in on the whole thing so I know it took every nerve in her body to contain herself.

We’re not hatin’ girl!  Maybe just a little jealous. And who wouldn’t be? Did you feel that body moving up on you?

If you didn’t, today is your lucky day. Check out the video below…And ladies, stay cool.

The film, Chocolate City, will be in theaters and On Demand May 22.

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