Watch: Key & Peele Introduce ‘Negrotown’ — Dream a Little, Won’tcha

“Negrotown”…Where you can live like a human being with rights and everything! (Comedy Central)


*Well blacks folks haven’t seen comedy like this on TV since the Wayans brothers were on the air. I’m talking about the brazen comedic style of Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele – better known as “Key & Peele.” The duo heads into season 5 of a show where they have been pushing the proverbial comedy envelope since they came on the Comedy Central scene with their show, “Key & Peele” in 2012. Now they’ve given us a peep into their upcoming season, which starts July 8.

Are you ready for “Negrotown?” It’s a black person’s dream,

Follow me to a place I know

Where there ain’t no pain and no sorrow

It’s the place to be if your skin is brown

I’m talkin’ ’bout Negrotown.

That’s the intro. Black folk can use some comic relief right about now. Especially with all the harassment, racial profiling and homicide of black men at the hands of police. It’s easy to sink into a universal depression. So as silly as it seems, if you allow yourself a momentary escape, “Negrotown” might be a worthy place to go – if you’re too uptight to laugh, that is.

The video sketch (scroll down) shows Key’s character being stopped by police for just walking down the street after dark.

Sound familiar?

Yeah, we thought it would.

When the character very politely asks the officer why he was stopped, the officer gets indignant.

You writing this down, right?

Key’s character is forced into the back seat of the police car, but he  “accidentally” hits his head in the process, and knocked out, goes into a dream sequence which turns out to be his visit to “Negrotown.”

Here’s just a few of the benefits Key is told her can expect here: taxi’s stop for black folk. Blacks don’t get followed when trying to shop. There’s no trigger-happy cops or scared cashiers.


You’re not harassed on the streets by cops. You can get your home loan approved. Plus, and sista’s might want to pay particular attention to this one: there are no white women around to take all the black men.

And this the real kicker: “You can wear your hoodie and not get shot!”

“Peele” is all suited up as he dances and shows Key’s character around the place. Watch out though, you might find yourself getting caught up in the joyful nature of something you may have initially tried hard not to like. 

At least until you snap back to reality.

Take a look at the skit directly below and let us know what you think.

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