ThisNthat Quickbits: Oops! ‘Price is Right’ Awards Treadmill to Woman in Wheelchair

Price is right contestant, Danielle Perez
‘Price Is Right’ contestant, Danielle Perez


*As the host of a TV game show, one has to be prepared for just about anything. You never know what a contestant is going to do, say, or even win. So to say the particular prize awarded to this particular contestant was awkward would be an understatement.

After finally securing a spot on stage (even host Drew Carey admitted she was ‘close’ several times), “Price Is Right” contestant Danielle Perez admitted she was so excited after winning a fitness tracker and iPad.

But it started getting a bit awkward when the wheelchair bound contestant had a chance to win a prize that had people in the audience silently cringing: a treadmill.

And oh my, she won it!

What else could we do but applaud; especially after Danielle showed such good sportsmanship by seeing the humor in the situation, tweeting, “I won the treadmill and have been straight popping wheelies all morning.”

Host Drew Carey re-tweeted her message and added “Love you.”

Check out Danielle’s appearance on ‘The Price Is Right’ here.

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