Live Mic Accidentally Records Mayor in Bathroom Taking a Leak (Video)


*Yes Mayor Rachael Jonrowe, we’re not mad at you. It would be hard to compose myself too if I heard the man who was sitting next to me only seconds ago, in such a vulnerable position.

But as they say, stuff happens.

Apparently, during a Texas city council meeting, Mayor Dale Ross made a restroom run. Thing is, he forgot to turn his mic off and, well, let’s just put it this way…everyone knew it was him; where he was, and what he was doing.

Big time!

We can see the response of the mayor (pro tem) in the photo above, but all we can do at this point is wonder about the response of The Honorable Ross, once he realized his mic was still on.

I mean no disrespect sir, but was it while you were washing your hands? Drying them? What?

Not to mention the look on the faces of the poor city council members faces who had to act like they’d heard nothing once you returned to the meeting.

As you can imagine, there was quite the elephant in the room as the Georgetown lawmakers tried to maintain their game faces in light of the acting Mayor’s  blunder.

In what is said to have been a serious debate about antibiotic resistance, the Mayor Pro Tem had just started her speech when the embarrassing sounds of Ross, resonated over the speakers.

Councuil chambers

Video shows Jonrowe descending into a fit of giggles (starts around the :47 mark); covering her mouth with her arms and stifling her obviously desperate need to laugh.

Other politicians are equally amused as Ross, who appeared not to have washed his hands, later returns to this chair.

Uh oh. I guess that answers my aforementioned question.

A chortling Jonrowe somehow manages to finish her address, and the clip cuts out.

The footage was uploaded to YouTube on Friday and has been seen more than 1.6 million times.

Jonrowe later took to Facebook and thanked people for the “mostly kind and supportive (and funny!) notes and comments” she’d received regarding the incident.

“I will not be spending a lot of time discussing the above-mentioned video on this page, because I have always tried to use this as a tool to do the business of the wonderful town which I love and serve,” she added.

But people did not let the fact that they heard no faucet running– which alleges the mayor didn’t wash his hands–slide. Hmm…is it any wonder the topic is about “antibiotic-resistant infectious diseases?” 

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