Baltimore Teen Who Smashed Window of Cop Car, Surrenders to Police

teen smashes cop car
18-year-old Allen Bullock listen to his parents and turned himself in


*The Baltimore riots may now be a thing of the past, but the images will live on in pictures forever. One such image is of a black teen standing on top of a car said to belong to police. He has an orange cone in his hand as he smashes the vehicle’s front window. The teen appears to be looking straight into the camera; making a potential ID inevitable.

And that’s what scared his parents, who told him to turn himself in after the photo went viral. In an interview with The Guardian, they  said they wanted him to do this before the police “find him, knock down our door and beat him.”

So that’s what he did. And this is what they did.

Allen Bullock, 18, was accompanied to the Baltimore Juvenile Justice Center by his stepdad, Maurice Hawkins. And while they didn’t expect him to just be able to turn back around and walk out, they also didn’t expect the newly incarcerated teen’s bail to be set at half a million dollars. An amount they can’t afford.

“By turning himself in, he also let me know he was growing as a man and he recognized what he did was wrong. But they are making an example of him, and it is not right,” Hawkins told The Root.

Bullock, who had been on probation for juvenile offenses and was working off his crimes making $15,000 a year is now being charged as an adult with eight misdemeanors including malicious destruction of property and rioting and inciting riots.

This photo was on the front page of The Baltimore Sun.


The family believes their son is being seen as one of the actual leaders of the riots, an accusation they totally disagree with.

His stepdad told The Guardian, “Teens follow one another, that’s just what they do.”

But if Bullock is convicted on all counts he could go to prison for life; however, a term of four to eight years is more likely. Though his stepfather still believes turning himself in was the right thing to do, Allen’s mother seems to now regret the move and believes maybe it wasn’t the wisest thing to do since the bail is so high. “It’s just so much money, who could afford to pay that? If they let him go, he could at least save money and pay them back for the damages he did.”

According to city officials, Baltimore police arrested 235 people since Monday night, and although laws in Maryland say those arrested must have a hearing within 24 hours time, for many of them this did not happen.

As of Thursday morning, thanks to a local criminal attorney who filed a Habeas Corpus petition, at least 200 of the detainees had been freed.

But many more, including Bullock, still remain in jail.




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