Still Think Racism is a Thing of the Past? Uh-Uh…Watch This Video


*Many people, whether they admit it or not, continue to believe African Americans and other black people in America ‘use the race card’ when certain situations occur. And sometimes that may be true; but most times its not.

You’re being naive if you truly believe racism is a thing of the past.

How could it be, when so many of the descendants of the very people who built America on that belief system are still in place to make such crucial decisions in the system?

We ran across this video that shows several examples of how systemic racism is demonstrated today. It asks questions like: if racism isn’t real, why are black people nearly four times more likely to be arrested for marijuana use than their white counterparts despite using drugs at similar rates? And why are they twice as likely to be pulled over while driving, or half as likely to get a call back after they mail their resume to an employer?

The video was produced by Brave New Films, and it provides a statistical breakdown of these examples and aims to demolish the naive notion that systemic racism isn’t a real problem in America.

Moreover, the video demonstrates that incidents such as what is now happening in Baltimore will continue to happen in cities and states all across America if the racism problem is not acknowledged and the work does not begin to reverse it so that it can no longer negatively affect how black people are treated when it comes to economy, work, and the purchase of items such as cars and homes.

Watch the video directly below and see more at VOX

One thought on “Still Think Racism is a Thing of the Past? Uh-Uh…Watch This Video”

  1. If the economy has been recovering for the last six years, unemployment has declined from 10% to 5%, and Obama has educated millions of young people by doling out $500 billion of student loans, why has the percentage of 25 to 34 year olds living in their mommy’s basement increased by 50% in the last ten years, with the trend accelerating in the last two years?

    There is the propaganda dished out by the government and their corporate media mouthpiece lackeys, and there is the truth. Young people were duped into taking on billions in student loan debt with the promise of good jobs at graduation. It was a lie. Now they are left enslaved in debt, working shit service jobs, with no prospects of ever owning a house, and living in mommy’s basement.

    Young people are becoming a nation of basement dwellers.

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