Did You Really Want Google to Record That…Here’s How to Erase It!

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*Every now and again, you may put your own name in the Google search engine to see what comes up. And in this day and age, that could be anything.

And that ain’t good.

Did you know that Google not only saves all of the information you search for if you are logged into your Gmail or Google+ account, the search engine also stores that info and can use it to advertise specific products to anyone who searches for it.

So say you don’t want Joe Blow to have access to you and what you have searched for. You’ve got enough spam, you sure don’t need any from him, right?

There’s a procedure available for anyone who wants to remove all traces of their searches from Google’s data banks.


First you’ve got to download your history, so go to Google’s web activity page, and from the drop menu, select ‘Download,’ and then click on the ‘Create Archive’ button. You’ll see a warning before the final option that warns the user not to download the content onto a public computer. Note: It’s risky to use a computer that can be easily accessed by others at any time to save this data; some of the information could either be damaging to your reputation or run the risk of enabling others to have access to your accounts.

To prevent Google from accessing your search data in the first place, you can change your browser’s privacy options to bar the saving of your info. This is a more straightforward option for those who do not want any information of theirs leaked.

Then go back to the top gear icon from which you had previously accessed the drop menu, click on the ‘Remove Items’ option, and then select ‘From the Beginning of Time.’ Select ‘Remove’ from the tab and all of your data will be erased from Google Archives.

You can also erase your browser history to complete the process.

Online privacy has become a major issue in the online world with leaks of commercial documents, videos, music and private pictures, ruining the careers of many people. So, when searching for sensitive material, always make sure to log out of your Google account first.


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