The Laws Protecting Civil Rights ‘Don’t Apply to Black People’ Admits Baltimore Official

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*I had to read the statements from a Baltimore city official below several times to make sure I understood it right.

I believe I did. And my jaw is still dropped.

No wonder “city official” is the ID, instead of an actual name. And though there was no mention of what race the official was; I doubt it would have made it in print if the person was black.

The Baltimore riots may have simmered down, but you have to wonder if they’ll stay that way. According to an article in the Huffington Post, Wednesday saw members of the National Guard joining city officials who came out and openly admitted that laws protecting civil rights don’t apply to black people.

And he sounds proud of it.

“Look, we’ve clearly marginalized this group of people for decades, so my announcement that we’re excluding black citizens from the protections guaranteed by civil rights laws should come as no surprise to anyone here,” the official said, concluding, “I’m just making it official,”

Wow. After hearing this way of thinking, its a surprise the riots didn’t happen sooner.

Then, after being accused of making black people the unfair targets of excessive police brutality, the official actually justified his thinking by stating: “The riots in Baltimore are a byproduct of income inequality–a phenomenon observed along racial lines–and income inequality is a byproduct of capitalism, and capitalism is the foundation of our great democracy. So, we can conclude that excessive police brutality against black Americans is a pillar of our country’s democratic principles.”

While this official does not think rioting, like that sparked by the death of Freddie Gray, while in police custody is the solution to the problem of widespread civil rights violations, he does say that “police brutality is, in fact, perfectly legal, in light of what I’ve laid out here today. By formally announcing the exclusion of an entire race from the protections afforded by civil rights laws, we have paved a clear, permissible path for all future brutalities, including those inflicted by public servants paid to protect us all. Not that legality or the concept of respectful treatment of our fellow humans were ever effective deterrents to police brutality before. This just keeps it all above-board.”

And then, in a total slight, “the official” concluded,

“Speaking of infringing on rights, these riots are infringing on my right to enjoy an Orioles game.”

Just file this under: #waitingfortheothershoetofall




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