Like Ice Cream… Love Weed…This New Ice Creamery Combines Both (Watch)

weed ice cream cone

*Marijuana has come a l-o-n-g way since the baby-boomer age. It used to be cool just putting it in brownies or cookies. Then years later it morphed into candy and gum. Now it has gone and made itself into ice cream.

Hot damn. We didn’t see that coming!

But its here. And where else would such a craze happen but in the awesome Bay Area.

The Richmond via Sausalito-based Cannabis Creamery might be the first ice cream factory of its kind. And it seems the perfect pothead has been tapped to give us a tour and a taste test. His name is Abdullah Saeed and he’s with the Vice Munchies show, Bong Appetit.

Saeed  got to hang out with Cannabis Creamery founder Isaac Lappert, and tested the award-winning mint chip ice cream straight from the spickett. Still wanting more he also had an over-the-top banana split, a bear claw ice cream sandwich and several joints.

Needless to say, dude got REALLY high.

Abdullah Saeed
Abdullah Saeed


You’ve got to check out the Munchies video directly below to witness Saeed’s journey. You’ll also learn secrets on how to make a batch of THC-infused ice cream at home.

ice cream made with weed

But if you don’t catch on from the video itself, which is 20-minutes-long be warned: weed in ice cream hits faster than other edibles because it doesn’t take your body as long to digest.

Here you go!



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