Lawsuit Filed By Black Employee at AT&T, Gets Its President Fired for Racism

Aaron Slater, fired as president of ATandT
Aaron Slater was fired for sending racist text on company-issued cellphone


*In a move that shows how loud money talks, telecommunications giant AT&T Inc. confirmed on Tuesday that they have fired Aaron Slator, a former president with the company, who is said to have used his work phone to send racially offensive images (Scroll down to see it).

A statement from the company said, “There is no place for demeaning behavior within AT&T and we regret the action was not taken earlier.”

An assistant who had been asked to transfer data to a new phone, found the images in question. And according to the lawsuit filed Monday by Knoyme King, a 50-year-old black woman who worked for Slator, one of the images showed an African child dancing with the caption “It’s Friday …”

The image is said to have been followed by a term offensive to African Americans, and it had been sent in a text describing it as an “oldie but a goodie,” the lawsuit said.

Here is the picture that was sent via text
Here is the picture that was sent via text

The money talks lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, and named Slator, the company, CEO Randall Stephenson, other executives and board member Joyce Roche as defendants.

Might we assume these folks were the recipients of the text?

Slator was president of content and advertising sales. He managed the company’s multi-billion-dollar budget for content acquisition consumed by subscribers of Dallas-based AT&T’s U-verse TV service.

King’s lawyer, Skip Miller, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the lawsuit will continue.

And if you were wondering what the AT&T statement above referred to, when it said “...we regret the action was not taken earlier,” its because the issue had been raised earlier and brought to the attention of the board of directors and human resources department.

“This is an AT&T problem, it’s not just an Aaron Slator problem,” Miller emphasized.

According to the lawsuit, King, a 30-year AT&T employee, has been overlooked for promotions and given inferior raises because of her race. The suit alleges she was mistreated and provoked so that she would leave the company.

King is still employed there, Miller said.

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