A Total Disregard for Life: Northern CA Teen Admits He Killed 9-Year-Old Just Because…


*According to the Contra Costa Times in Northern California, a teenager has confessed to stabbing a 9-year-old boy to death while he slept.


Because he wanted to know what it felt like to take a life.

Displaying what has to be the ultimate total disregard for life, 18-year-old William Schultz boldly stated that before someone killed him, he wanted to kill someone, just so he’d know how it felt.

When the Times interviewed Schultz in jail, he showed no remorse.

“I wanted to see what it was like to take a life before someone tried to take mine,” Shultz told the paper. The paper reported that he was smiling, spoke calmly and was wearing a yellow, jail-issued jumpsuit. He wore his hair in a buzz cut.

Schultz had spent a night in the boy’s Discovery Bay home, a waterfront community along the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta about 60 miles east of San Francisco.

The teen even told  the paper that his family has been concerned about his odd behavior and mental health over the last month and that he had been hospitalized for a brief time in a county facility. He said a doctor discharged him and sent him in a cab to his mother’s home.

Schultz fought with his mother and then said he spent the night at the victim’s home; as he and the victim’s older brother have been friends since 6th grade.

Though sheriff’s deputies were called to the victim’s house around 10 a.m., the boy had already been pronounced dead as his family had rushed him to the hospital before they arrived.

William Schultz wanted to see what it felt like to kill someone.
William Schultz wanted to see what it felt like to kill someone.


Schultz spoke calmly to reporters and even showed the Times reporter fresh stitches he had received after accidentally cutting himself while stabbing the young boy to death.

When the paper asked Schultz if he felt remorse, he replied,

“I wish that I hadn’t. I think about what if that was my little brother,” then Shultz began to cry, as he referred to his 8-year-old brother. “In that sense, I do feel bad. I do have remorse for what I did … But there’s a reason for everything that happens.”

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