Watch: Dad ‘Stunned’ By Random Shooting of Kids’ Mother, But Now Feels ‘Stuck With the Kids’

david stephens & son
David Stephens holds one of the two children he has with the victim.

*We can sure hope David Stephens of Jacksonville, Fla.  didn’t mean what he said. And only said it because the news cameras were in his face and caught him off guard. I hope that he will come forth to clarify his stance.

But then again, we have to realize, he might not.

The mother of two of Stephens’ children, along with two other victims, was randomly shot as she walked down the street. And when News4Jax caught up with the dad, he seemed more concerned about the inconvenience of having to be sole parent to his children than the shooting itself.

“I was stunned, liked to caught a heart attack, you know,” Stephens told the television news station on Monday about his reaction upon learning that the mother, 24-year-old Lanay Davis, was shot.

“It’s shocking news to find out that your childrens’ mother got shot, then you gotta be stuck with your kids and hoping that she lives.”

Stephens and Davis have two children together.

Davis was shot around 10 p.m. a week ago Sunday as she walked down a street in a tough section of Jacksonville, according to a report. The mother is heard off camera, speaking from her hospital bed.

“Whoever it was, they just came up and went to shooting,” Davis told the station in a telephone interview. “Everybody scattered.”

The two other victims of the shooting include Davis’ friend, 16-year-old Charles McBride and 39-year-old Jermaine Jackson, who she doesn’t know.

“I thought I was gonna die,” Davis told the station. “I was really

scared for my life.”

This section of Jacksonville is known as Grand Park and it is not easy to get residents to talk to police out of fear of retribution from criminals.

Watch the news report with Mr. Stephens directly below:

2 thoughts on “Watch: Dad ‘Stunned’ By Random Shooting of Kids’ Mother, But Now Feels ‘Stuck With the Kids’”

  1. I’ve been stuck with my kids for 31 years. It’s called raising them. After all they are your kids. That shows what his kids mean to him.

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