‘F*uck This Court & Everything it Stands For’ Says Woman’s Nine-Page Rebuttal to Judge’s Action

tama jada clark (mugshot)
Tamah Jada Clark in an undated arrest mugshot

*When a federal judge dismissed a woman’s $10 billion lawsuit against Georgia officials because he thought is was ‘nonsensical’ the woman responded with what can only be seen as a classic “f*ck this court and everything it stands for” rant.

Her nine-page tirade consisted of every cuss-word available and she spewed it towards the judge — claiming he was on a “one-way ticket to hell” — according to the remarkable court records made available last week in Atlanta.

In an order filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court, Judge Willis B. Hunt Jr. — the judge that dismissed most of Tamah Jada Clark‘s claims on March 31 — recused himself from hearing the rest of her complaint “in light of Plaintiff’s decidedly vitriolic pleading.”

According to court records, Jason Joseph Clark is identified as the father of Clark’s child. But Clark also identified him as her husband. Five years ago the woman, who resides in both Pensacola, Florida, and East Point, Georgia, showed up near the south Georgia jail where Jason Joseph Clark was being held after a conviction for aggravated assault, domestic battery and other crimes.

At that time her car was apparently searched and Pelham police found it suited up with an AK-47 assault rifle, a .45 caliber pistol, wilderness survival gear and her 1-year-old son. She was arrested and both she and her “husband” were charged with conspiring to aid in an attempted escape. According to the court records, investigators had caught wind of a phone conversations where the couple had plotted his jailbreak. But there is no record that she was ever convicted or served any prison time.

See the title page from Tamah Jada Clark’s court filing last week directly below.

IMAGE: Title of Tamah Jada Clark's court filingU.S. DISTRICT COURT



Tamah Clark filed her suit for $10 billion in July 2014. Court records show she sued a number of Georgia officials for the wrongful arrest, conviction and incarceration of her husband. (The suit was filed in Atlanta, in the Northern District of Georgia, because Jason Clark was held in a Gwinnett County jail to help relieve crowding in south Georgia facilities, the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office confirmed.)

When Hunt dismissed the bulk of the case late last month, it was on the legal ground that it was filed too late. The filing had occurred after the two-year statute of limitations. But he also called the lawsuit “nonsensical.” As a believer in the so-called sovereign citizen tax-protest movement, Clark claimed she wasn’t a U.S. citizen so the judge wrote that she couldn’t bring the action on Jason Clark’s behalf.

It was then that Clark issued her classic response with the heading of her NOTICE reading: “To F— This Court and Everything that It Stands For.”

And it was followed by:

“Don’t you ever again in your motherf—–g life attempt to disrespect me, my family, or our status again. Keep our names out of your unworthy mouth,” the papers state.

Clark was unavailable for comment, but referred reporters Thursday to a Facebook posting where she wrote that she would address the matter at a later time.

“There is a lot of ambiguity and confusion as to what exactly has taken place heretofore to provoke what may appear to some to be a ‘rant’ of sorts,” she wrote, adding:

“The court will not allow me to say anything on record. Instead, it has allowed the Defendants free range to attack me without recourse on my part. I was tired of that bull and realized that the court and judge only have power so long as the matter is kept quiet and secret. So … what can I say? I had had enough. I let him have it.”

As of this writing, Clark appears to have received LOADS OF KUDOS on her Facebook account, for telling the court off. Some people are even calling her their, “new favorite.”


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