Female Comic Finds 2-Way Mirror in Women’s Restroom at Chicago Club (Watch)

Tamale Rose behind the scenes at Cigars & Stripes in Chicago
Tamale Rose behind the scenes at Cigars & Stripes in Chicago


*Hello, can women use the bathroom in peace, please?

Apparently, the owner of a comedy club in Chicago thinks its just fine to have a two-way mirror showing women using the restroom in his place of business.

And when the dirty-little-secret was discovered by comedienne Tamale Rocks – who performed there and says she was paranoid enough to explore further after she went to relieve herself and thought it was a tad strange that a FULL LENGTH MIRROR was staring back at her, the owner decided to blame her as if she did something wrong.

The comic talks the viewer through her discovery; taking us behind the mirror’s door as she records on her cellphone. There we see what appears to just be an innocent-looking cleaning closet.

But when that door is closed, and the opposite side of that mirror is exposed, its anything but.

Yet the response from the owner of the Chicago-based comedy club, called Cigars and Stripes, is more shocking than the reveal itself. He audaciously disregarded the fact that a two-way mirror was discovered; and instead told Jezebel.com  that Tamale Rocks was just an attention-seeker trying to make a video go viral.

She won’t have to try very hard.

He goes on to say there is no intention to move the two-way mirror.

“Do you know that mirror’s been there for the longest time. That woman opened the door. I mean she opened the door, there’s nothing in there. Open the door and pee and do what you want. Quite frankly I’m enjoying people calling, because I’m selling chicken wings.

“Look, this woman is looking for a viral video. There’s a big movement in reality TV to be outraged about feminism.”

And the idiot actually has supporters.

Online supporters of the bar seems to have missed the point, too, arguing that the only way to get into the broom cupboard (where the bathroom is revealed) is to go through the restroom itself.

Now don’t you think if someone was bold enough to put the mirror there, they’ve figured out a way to look through it?

Someone could easily sneak into the closet while nobody else is using the restroom, and hide in their while women came in and out of the toilet.


Good thing the level of ignorance and audacity coming from the owner of this club (and its supporters) is not airborne, because we’d all be dizzy right now.

Watch Tamale Rose guide you through the tour.

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  1. That club owner needs a lawsuit…then see how fast he changes his tune. SUE HIM!

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