ThisNthat Quickbits: Man Reunited With Cop That Saved Him as Infant

Abandoned Baby-Reunion
Robin Barton (L) and retired cop Michael Buelna (R)


*He’s 25-years old now, but in 1989, Robin Barton of Santa Ana, California, was only a few moments old when a cop discovered him in a trash bin. Discarded like garbage by his young mother, officer Michael Buelna says when he spotted the infant he was still covered with birth fluids and attached to an umbilical cord.

In the short time he had the child, the cop named him “Adam” –  but the child was later adopted and renamed “Robin.” He was living ‘happily ever after’ before he had feelings of wanting to meet the cop who had saved him more than two decades earlier.

But that’s not all. Barton met somebody else too.

Buelna, by now, had retired, but says he thought of the child often and always wanted to meet him.

In the midst of all the publicity surrounding the reunion, Barton’s birth father emerged (just today); gave him an update on his mother — who did her time and has since moved to Mexico– and even told his son that his mother wants to see him.

A meeting to which Barton has agreed because he said she was young and he has no anger towards her at all.

Watch the video report of this story.


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