Watch: Shame on This Reporter. Girl Warns She ‘Has to Pee’ on Live TV and She’s Ignored

Reporter Alexis Frazier

*A teen in Greenville, Miss. who was being interviewed by reporter Alexis Frazier on camera about a shooting she had apparently witnessed, warned the reporter that she was going to wet herself. But Frazier ignored her comment, and kept pushing for answers.

Sure enough, seconds later, the girl peed in her pants, right on LIVE TV.

SIDEBAR TO THIS YOUNG GIRL…Baby girl, I’m going to say this right out: I apologize to you for the lack of compassion from this reporter who ignored what you were trying to warn her about. Instead of cutting to the studio or focusing the camera elsewhere, she insisted on getting the details of a story she was working on.

Please know that this was the choice of one individual, and does not reflect those of more seasoned colleagues. –DeBorah B. Pryor

With that said, you are a champion for your attempt. We never know what is going to get us noticed; and I am sure this embarrassing incident was not in your plan. Nor do I suspect it will be something you will get over anytime soon.

But I do hope you will lift your head above the potential cruelty of those your age, who may make fun of you as a result. 

As for you, Ms. Frazier, you are a young reporter, who will no doubt get attention; but most likely not the kind you aimed for. What you allowed to happen showed poor judgment and the news stories will not reflect the story you sought information on, but what happened to this young woman as a result.

Lessons come in many forms. I hope you learn from this one.

Here’s the video.

2 thoughts on “Watch: Shame on This Reporter. Girl Warns She ‘Has to Pee’ on Live TV and She’s Ignored”

  1. I think everyone ought to send positive messages to latoya about this news clip. she seems to be a very sweet, young lady. hold your head up, you maintained your grace through fire. (I hope your mom sues the news reporter and the news station.* as a young person who was being questioned as an Eye witness to a violent act…you may be a little traumatized about it and peeing is a reaction. you need someone to ask “how do you feel?” or “how are you doing?” (some first response team) on the scene to help the young people in particular cope with “acts of violence” perpetrated in the community. it is Psychologically damaging, and this peeing in public just compounds it. NOt being Respected nor Protected by the media ( blacknewsreporter only wanted her story) is NOt good.

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