Cop Arrested for Buying Crack Cocaine Says, ‘It’s Not for Me, It’s for My Wife’

An obscured Christopher Heredia

*Far too many people today believe the recently documented power-hungry actions of police officers confirm many of them have clearly lost their minds, so this headline may not be anything out of the ordinary.

But still, wonders never cease to amaze us.

So the recent arrest of a Florida police officer who was under the suspicion of a drug purchase in a Walmart parking lot brought about a very strange admission. Upon confrontation, the officer actually told his arresting officers, “The crack is not for me, it’s for my wife.”

Oh, OK. Carry on. As you were.

Yeah. Right. Only in your imagination, buddy. Its as if the officer expected the response to be sufficient.

Miami-Dade cops witnessed what looked like a drug purchase by an unknown person who turned out to be a 25-year-old Sweetwater Police Department officer named Christopher Heredia. The exchange went down in a Walgreens parking lot on Thursday afternoon, and according to WSVN TV the cops watched the man drive off before they pulled him over.

During the traffic stop, Heredia told officers he was an off-duty “P.O.” (police officer) who had been relieved.

The police report noted that Heredia was stuttering and appeared nervous with trembling hands, according to NBC Miami.

And here’s why: When police searched his automobile, they found a baggie of crack cocaine on the driver’s side floorboard and three Xanax pills.

That’s when Heredia through his wife under the bus; claiming the drugs were for her.

Heredia was charged with purchasing cocaine, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia, reports.

Wonder if THAT’S the reason he was “relieved.” Unfortunately, we may never know.

Though he was released on $13,500 bond, the Sweetwater Police Department won’t get into why the former officer was “relieved” of his duties saying that since he was a cop, such personal information will remain confidential.

cop in handcuffs

Yet the department did go so far as to say his being relieved was “pending the outcome of an internal investigation” in a statement.

Tina Schofield, 37, was also arrested for allegedly selling Heredia the drugs.

I guess he through her under the bus, too.

Its interesting the video shows the woman who sold the drugs, in court, in handcuffs, in the customary orange jumpsuit – but not the officer who bought them.

I guess being a cop still has its perks, even if that cop is now on the other side of the law.

Watch the video report here.


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