Watch: ‘Mom, Is That You’? Daughter Finds Biological Mother at Same Company She Works For

Mother Daughter Reunion

*When La-Sonya Mitchell-Clark, 38, set out to search for her biological mom, the last place she expected to find her was in a cubicle  at the company she works for.

But that’s exactly where she was. Literally, steps away from her.

According to WKBN-TV in Youngstown Mitchell-Clark received records she had previously requested from the Ohio Department of Health and was told her mother’s name is Francine Simmons. When she looked her up on Facebook, she was shocked to learn that “Francine” worked at InfoCision, the teleservices company where she is employed.

She even knew of an employee by that first name. So she reached out, and the very next day, she got a phone call.

“I said, ‘I think I’m your daughter,” Mitchell-Clark said.

Can’t you just feel the chills going through your body right now?

The long-lost mother said she had always wanted to connect with the daughter she gave up as a 15-year-old mother, but had no idea as to how.

“I’m still in shock,” Simmons said. “It’s amazing.”

Add to this the fact that the two only live moments away from each other in Youngstown.

Now Mitchell-Clark gets to meet three sisters she didn’t know about. One of which works at InfoCision, too.

Mitchell-Clark says her adoptive parents were always supportive of her, and even encouraged her to try to find her mother.

And the family couldn’t be happier.

“Now, we’ve got a bigger, extended family where we can just be together,” Simmons said.

Watch the emotional reunion in the WKBN-TV video report below.


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