Michelle Obama, Not School Chef, Blamed for Nasty-Looking School Lunch (So What’s New?)

A set up?
A set up?

*Republicans and their followers must be getting exhausted by now hating on the president and First Lady, Michelle Obama. They do it so often; every chance they get.

Now they are blaming the nasty looking lunch pictured above on Mrs. Obama; who had the nerve to insist children eat healthy.

The lunch pictured above, served to an elementary school child, was snapped by a mother in Virginia of all places; then promptly loaded onto Facebook, where it went viral. The meal meets the healthy lunch criteria set forth by Michelle Obama’s nutritional guidelines, but it looks unappealing and downright nasty so it has been ripped apart on social media.

The school’s administrator was said to be “concerned,” but blamed its undesirable look on “poor lighting.”

But its still hard to wrap one’s brain around how Mrs. Obama gets blamed for recommending a healthy meal. Shouldn’t the chef who prepared this less than appetizing dish be held accountable?

In what is apparently supposed to be cute, Fox Nation wrote on April 17: “That’s not really a fish filet with a whole wheat bun resting on top. Nah, your eyes are playing tricks on you. That’s what administrators at Virginia’s Portsmouth Public Schools want parents to believe after a mother took a photo of her child’s paltry school lunch and posted it on social media.”

The lunch is said to have been given to an unnamed student that attends the James Hurst Elementary School in Portsmouth, Virginia. And what the student got is quite different from what the lunch menu posted online for that day (April 14). Does this picture resemble a “spicy Cajun fish with brown rice” and a number of sides?

No. This student received what appears to be a dried out, unseasoned lump of fish, a smashed roll that looks stale and a side of canned corn.

The menu is said to have used various tempting adjectives to describe the FLOTUS- approved school lunches. The subs are “hearty,” the beef stir fry is “flavorful,” the baked fries are “tasty,” and the grilled and baked chicken of course is “zestful” and “enticing,” respectfully.


But schools and students across the country are bellyaching about Obama’s meal plans. Images posted on Twitter with the hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama show an collection of nauseating food choices – a slice of moldy salami, a “wheat” donut, grapes shriveled into near-raisins, a green hotdog and other prison-like slop shop offerings. One photo even shows a maggot that crawled out of some kid’s green beans.

So let us get this straight. These haters, who apparently have issues with the First Lady proposing healthy eating, would prefer what, exactly?

According to Hurst Elementary’s Food Service Coordinator Jim Gehlhoff, the photo of the lunch was “concerning,” but it really may not have been all that bad. In a statement released to the media, Gelhoff said:

We appreciate this parent’s concern about the presentation of this school lunch. Poor lighting and food presentation make this lunch unappealing. Other lunch options on the day this photo was taken included a chef’s salad and turkey sub sandwiches. The meal in this photo and other meals served by Portsmouth Public Schools meet nutritional and USDA requirements. The presentation of the meal pictured concerns us and we plan to address presentation of food items in a training session with all cafeteria managers. Our goal is to provide healthy food options that students will want to eat. We will take actions to ensure that presentation is addressed.

The School Nutrition Association (SNA) deflected the criticism off of Michelle Obama’s lunch guidelines, and said additional funding is needed to ensure the National School Lunch Program presents meals that are of proper portion, prepared correctly and appealing to eat.

“That will help school food authorities afford the foods that we must serve, but unfortunately that won’t make students consume it,” admitted SNA President Julia Bauscher. “And that’s what we’re also focused on…finding ways to ensure students will eat the healthy foods that we’re making available to them and not throw it in the trash.”

Which is exactly what happened to this unappealing lunch.

Check out some of the downright hateful #thanksMichelleobama tweets.

Do you blame Michelle Obama and her nutritional lunch recommendations for this disaster of a meal presentation or the ill-trained school chefs who prepared it?


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