4 Out Of 5 Black Women Are Obese & Overweight: How to Get Over the Extra Weight for Good! (Watch)

Northern California fitness and health “transformationist” Gloria Kamil
Northern California fitness and health “transformationist” Gloria Kamil


*It’s enough to mess up your day. 

A statistic from a BU Today report on fighting obesity claims: “No population in the United States has a higher obesity rate than African American women.

There’s more. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, no population in the United States has a higher obesity rate than African American women, four out of five of whom are overweight or obese, according to a 2012 study.

In the general adult population, 70 percent of adults are overweight or obese. The causes of this alarming obesity rate are various and complex and range from genes and diet to socioeconomic status and the environment, according to Julie Palmer, a senior epidemiologist at Boston University’s Slone Epidemiology Center who has coordinated the Black Women’s Health.

Northern California fitness and health “transformationist” Gloria Kamil wants these statistics to change. She knows it’s possible for all Black women to easily release excess weight; get to our own particular optimal weights, and feel better than we’ve ever felt in our entire lives because we are strong and were built to win!  She insists that if you listen to her council, being overweight will be a part of your past.

Northern California fitness and health “transformationist” Gloria Kamil
Northern California fitness and health “transformationist” Gloria Kamil


  • First get geared up up by thinking about how proud you’ll feel and how good you’re going to look and feel after just one week of consistent exercise.
  • Find a convenient place to do your activity (room in your home, outdoor area, office area) to do your activity.  Remember, you can always find a place to exercise.
  • Select a time of day where you can set aside 15 to 30 minutes (i.e., before work, during the lunch hour or after work) instead of watching the news or a TV show).
  • Decide on a fitness routine that you know you’re capable of doing (such as walking, jogging, light weight lifting or yoga).
  • Take it one week at a time and make a commitment to yourself that YOU WILL DO IT.
  • Reward yourself at the end of each week for keeping your promise to yourself!
  •  Fasting (or adhering to organic vegetable broths, whole food juicing or drinking just water) for at least five days in each season (winter, spring, summer & fall).
Gloria is also the author of “Gloria’s One Dish Recipes” a healthy yet soulful cookbook that introduces readers to over-looked and under-used super greens, beans and seasonings including purple Orach leaves and purple potatoes, romanesco, Kohlrabi, Stinging Nettles, okra, Wheat Berry, Mung and Adzuki Beans, Amaranth, and Black Quinoa.  
The book includes recipes for vegans and vegetarians as well as lovers of soul food, sea food and meat.  Healthy soups, stews, sandwiches, salads and a few unheard of innovative combinations like Gloria’s Creamy Cauliflower Fruit Salad, Breakfast Sausage Collard Wrap, Quinoa Grape Shrimp Salad, Chicken & Carrot Salad Sandwich, and Rosemary Lemon Honey Trout and are just a smidgen of her delectably soulful recipes.  

“Gloria’s One dish Recipes” cookbook is available for purchase on Amazon or by clicking here. It is a must have for anyone who wants to cook healthier, gain control over their time and waistline and boost their own health or the health of their families.  With more than 40 unique recipes, “Gloria’s One Dish Recipes” reveals a glimpse into the super healthy expert’s eating philosophies.  Are you building your health or digging your grave with your food choices?  Kamil explains that to lose (weight) is to misplace; to release is to let go and her methods are highly effective because it lies in not just releasing weight but in creating an overall lifestyle change that endures throughout a person’s life. 

Kamil, a San Leandro resident, has been a staunch advocate of healthy eating and in writing this book drew on 40 years of experience.  She refers to herself as a “Transformationist” because transforming the bodies, minds and health of others is what she does.

“I do not label myself as a fitness trainer but as a Transformationist. I learned through my many years of experience that in order to achieve extraordinary health a person has to be transformed and not conform to the one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to healthy, nutritional choices and fitness.  Total Fitness Transformation is having a solid, unshakeable relationship with exercising regularly and eating the foods that support the overall health of your body throughout life.”

For the past 16 years, she has worked as a holistic, whole food nutrition professional, fitness expert and consultant and lifestyle-change coach.   A certified personal fitness trainer, she holds certifications from the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the world’s largest non-profit fitness certifying organization and the Pilates Institute of America.  In 2009 Gloria released “Body Basic Weight Training Workout,” a successful exercise DVD that is still being sold at Wal-Mart and on Amazon.com. 


Kamil is passionate about fitness and tells it like it is, explaining that building a relationship with exercise will be challenging and there will be body discomforts as you go through the acclimation process, from little to no exercise but the results will be well worth it to both your mind and bod. 

“When building a relationship with exercise, a bonding process will need to occur. Just like a mother who bonds with her new born baby by spending quality time and care, so it is with exercising. To have an effective fitness regimen you will need to spend quality time with the power trio: aerobics, weights, and stretching. To transform is to completely change.”
Eating a balanced and healthy meal is a challenge for most people today. Many of us are bombarded with long commutes, office hours, and activities with our children. This leaves little or no time in the kitchen.  Therefore, we opt out of cooking meals at home and rely on low- and high-end fast-food restaurants.  According to Gloria, although that has closed the time gap it has widened the waistline and compromised the overall health of the body.  More than just a cookbook, the cookbook is a testament to Gloria’s conviction that healthy eating doesn’t have to be bland.

Watch Gloria in the video below as she demonstrates exercises to assist with maintaining a healthy weight

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