Watch: Holy Heart Failure! A Bat Suit For Those on a Budget (Resists Stabs & Punches!)


*Holy heart failure, Batman! Is that a new suit?

It sure is, but its not for the Batman we know from the past, neither is it from the vault of one “Bruce Wayne.” It came from the mind of prop maker Jackson Gordon, who was obviously a fan.

And what’s more: This Batsuit was built on a budget.

Gordon built this Batsuit for himself from Kevlar, impact-absorbing foam and plating. The result is a 25-pound (11-kilogram) flexible, mobile suit that withstands punches, knives and clubs (but not bullets).

The prop builder revealed the suit a few months ago, but in an effort to demonstrate its worthiness beyond what you see there’s a video that shows its actual usefulness in fighting crime.

After all, isn’t that what Batman does?

The video shows a few martial arts moves against a backdrop of suitably dramatic music. It also offers footage of an assailant punching and kicking Gordon in the stomach and chest. A stab and slash test does little more than scuff the surface of the armor.

Holy Batsuit!

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A second video shows Gordon taking a mighty whack to the stomach from an iron pipe.

Gordon’s suit costs about $2,000 once all the pieces are in place. Compare that to the approximate $300,000 (as tallied by Lucius Fox in “Batman Begins”) for an advanced Kevlar armored survival suit. 

Now if you’re itching to have at least a portion of the suit for yourself, just head on over to the Armatus Designs site and check out the combat cowl for $275 (about £188, AU$358). Its made from polyurethane resin to resist slashes and provide a little bit of impact protection, and the eyes are covered with steel mesh so the bad guys can’t do a Three Stooges-style poke on you.

Gordon’s Batsuit has the gauntlets with the protruding blades, a cool Bat logo on the chest, a dramatically sculpted face mask and the sense of invincibility only a knife-proof suit can give you. 

How’s that for re-living one of our favorite heroic characters! All we need now is that infamous bat theme song. You know the one:


Check out the suit in action below!

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