African American Judge Makes No Apologies for Being Offended By Little White Girls’ ‘Fear of Black Men’ (Watch)

Judge Olu Stevens
Judge Olu Stevens


*Well, there is at least one judge who doesn’t hesitate to let the court know exactly how he feels…personally and without apology.

Local reports say a judge put the parents of a little girl they say is in  “constant fear of black men” on blast in the courtroom.

According to the Daily News, the parents say their child’s fear began with a home invasion on the family two years ago; by two black men who robbed them at gunpoint while the little girl was watching “SpongeBob Squarepants” on TV.

Judge Olu Stevens has been criticized on social media because he gave the robber, who pleaded guilty, only five years probation. The family and its supporters believe a harsher sentence should have been given.

Though Stevens does not downplay the serious nature of the crime, and the seriousness of a child being traumatized, he doesn’t hesitate to make it known that he is personally offended by what he believes is the parents’ attitude of fostering stereotypes. (Scroll down to watch him as he reads a statement).

The judge makes it clear to the attorney representing the family  that he doesn’t believe for one second that the child would fear all white men had the crime been committed by them and he criticized parents, Jordan and Tammy Gray, for how they handled their daughter’s problem.

“Whenever we are running errands, if we come across a Black male, she holds me tight and begs me to leave,” he reads from a statement written by Tammy Gray. “It has affected her friendships at school and our relationships with African-American friends.”

The deeply offended judge, an African American, said in the video,

“This little girl certainly has been victimized, and she can’t help the way she feels,” but he continued with his criticism of the parents saying,

“My exception is more with her parents and their accepting that kind of mentality and fostering those type of stereotypes.”

Stevens also stated that the parents’ testimony had no role in his decision when he sentenced twenty-seven-year-old Gregory Wallace, who pleaded guilty to the crime on March 21, 2013, to five years of probation.

No word on what will happen to the accomplice.

The judge later defended his sentencing decision on Facebook.

“As for my ‘wrath,’ I had none. I leave wrath to the Commonwealth’s Attorney and others disgruntled by the ultimate decision. I did not criticize the daughter. I cautioned the parents against racial stereotyping. If necessary, I will stand alone. I have no animus toward anyone. I have consistently been here for over five years. I look forward to continuing to see you on this medium and in court.”

Stevens’ decision in court led to a mountain of criticism against him. After hearing the story supporters of the family are upset and believe the armed robber should get a more harsh sentence. Some supporters are even calling for the removal of Judge Stevens from his position.

Thus far, there is no reaction to that request.

Scroll down to see judge Olu Stevens in court and let us know how you feel about him stating his personal feelings in court.

7 thoughts on “African American Judge Makes No Apologies for Being Offended By Little White Girls’ ‘Fear of Black Men’ (Watch)”

  1. While I think anyone who commits armed robbery should get more punishment than five years probation, that was the Judge’s prerogative. However, I do agree with the Judge regards the parents; they are contributing to their children’s fears by not trying to help their children understand that just because one Black Man robbed them, it doesn’t mean that *all* Black men rob people or that every Black person must be feared. Children tends to take on the belief system of their parents and if these girls are still that afraid, they are picking up their fears from their parents…and, that is racist. If every parent just let their child believe things that are not true then, I am a negligent parent when I try to teach my Black child that *not* all White Policemen are to be feared because *some* White Policemen are shooting Black people dead and getting away with it.

    And, you can be sure that the people who are “upset” at the sentencing and the Judge’s reprimand of the White parents are Whites…racist Whites.

  2. I, too agree, that the robbers should have gotten more than probation even if it were 20 years, but I think too that that those who blatantly kill a 12 year old on aplayground, shoots a 50 year old in the back 5 out of 8 times, or kills a teen going HOME should also be punished more harshly. WRONG is WRONG and both the robbers and those (law enforcement officials mind you in two cases) should ALSO be PUNISHED FOR MURDER!!!!
    Now on a different subject as one has NOTHING to do with the other, the Judge is ABSOLUTELY correct in his statement to the parents. If the parents are further making matter worse by appeasing the childs fear then they are just as wrong. They are making matters WORSE instead of providing care for their child. This is not care or concern it is harbored (although no well) racism. If their relationship with their co-workers has changed then they never had actually had one. This is shallow and stupid. Your child will encounter both good and black people REGARDLESS of race and as CARING parents you should try to help her to understand this. IFF she is afraid of ALL African Americans (Blacks) then sh eis in for a really tough life full of chaos and unrealistic views and fears. We are here, not going anywheres, regardless to how you try!!!!! Then too if you look deep enough in your blood line..I’m just saying. Get over the STUPIDITY!!!!! as that is all this is…STUPID /Ignorance / Shallow / and just plain BS.

  3. No, what is stupid and ignorant is the fact that th judge took to Facebook to speak about the case, which goes against the oath he took. There are things you can’t do and speaking on social media with regards to a case is a fireable offense. This judge has made it impossible for any victim of any crime to feel safe making a victim impact statement, thus impeding justice. A victim must never be ridiculed and he has done exactly that. For him to project onto anyone how they should feel is wrong. Fire him!

  4. I dont think a victim should be ridiculed, and I don’t think the judge meant his comments in that manner. We all know the parents in talking to their child enforced the words Black man, instead of the man. The bottom line this child is going to be around all races, so the next time something happens bad is race going to be part of issue, the Asian did it. The parents should look into their hearts, because they have Black friends. I would be offended if I heard that from my friends. The parents are teaching racism and sadly they may not realize it.

  5. Wow I guess this is a pro Black website, If violent black men attack me and my kids well guess what I am going to be scared of them. Violent black men came so yes be scared of them if small black women then no the kid wouldn’t But lets face it Blacks commit a disproportionate of crimes and the judge probably got there only because he was because he was he is black via affirmative action.

  6. Who ever agrees with the judge here are idiots. When a 3 yr old sees such a horrendous thing they remember. They see a black man, or a tall man, or a long haired man; that is what they perceive as bad. It’s not racist. Just the thing they keyed in on and have in their memory back as bad. Whether it’s height, race or long hair. It could be glasses. For God’s sake! The child is 3.. Yes, their parents can tell them that all Blacks aren’t bad. But, that takes time for the child to comprehend. The child will be afraid for a while. To blame the parents is atrocious!

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