Video Goes Viral: Daughter Terrified, Pleads, But Mom Forces Her to Get Ears Pierced Or Else…


*This story and accompanying video is an embarrassment to motherhood. I’m sure many of us can recall the time when we got our ears pierced; but we were probably old enough to make the decision ourselves…and no cameras were around to record the single tear that came from our eyes.

But this little girl had no such luck. Not only does she appear to be in a room with an audience, and a camera recording her every terrified breath; but her mother (one suspects its her mother) is heard in the background saying things like, “If you put your hand up there I’m gonna punch you,” and “If I go to jail its your fault.”


The child (pictured above) is terrified as she anticipates the pain. Remember, for all intensive purposes, the thing looks like a hole punch. And she begs the man to “just wait a minute” as she cries. But the adults around her only make her feel she’s acting like a baby; saying things like, “You’re supposed to be a big girl.”

And to make already bad matters even worse, her mother gives her an ultimatum: “It’s either the piercing or a beating.”   The mother threatens the girl with her fists and promises that’s going to be even more painful.

Pretty Ricky from Chicago posted the video (he’s also the person doing the piercing).

Justifiably, harsh criticism came from the online social community after the mother is seen putting the child in a chokehold and saying, “You just stay like that. You put your hand up there and I’m going to punch you.”

“Now, squeeze your legs.  We’re going to count to five… we’re going to give you five. One… put your hands down!  Two… Three… calm down! Four… he’s going to get ready to do it, OK.  Calm down.  Five… hold on tight,” the mother is heard saying.

As the little girl continues to plead with her mother, she is told the piercer knows what he is doing because “he is a professional.”

“But it’s going to hurt!” insists the girl.

“Me beating your ass with my fist will hurt worse!” the mother says. “I thought so, let’s get this over with.”

The mother keeps holding the girl down as the man pierces her ear. “You’re acting like a little baby,” we hear him say to her after one ear is done.

To which the mother responds, “Now she feels stupid as hell. That didn’t hurt at all, right? We’re going to stay and get the other one done.”

Realizing it wasn’t as painful as she anticipated, the little girl quickly gets her other ear pierced and the video ends .

The video has since been removed. But it lives forever online as people have downloaded and shared it on their social media pages.

Does anyone recognize this little girl? You know what to do.

Its painful to watch. But here you go.

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