Close Your Mouth: Yes, She’s Pregnant With Quadruplets at Age 65!

65 year old woman pregnant with quads
…and she already has 13 children and seven grandchildren!!!

*You think maybe there’s something in the water? What else could explain a 65-year-old woman living in Berlin – who already has 13 children, mind you – being pregnant with quadruplets? This is what is being reported by the German media.

But as it turns out, it not the water.  School teacher Annegret Raunigk has actually messed around with artificial insemination over the last year and a half and I guess it finally kicked in.

Her main motivation for having another child was to give her youngest daughter – who is nine – a sibling, according to the RTL media website.

On Monday evening, the TV channel plans to broadcast an interview with Raunigk, who is also the grandmother of seven.

It is nothing short of unbelievable that this expectant mother is having a pregnancy without any major complications. And if all continues to go well with the pregnancy, and the babies are indeed born according to the summer due date; Raunigk will make history as the world’s oldest mother of quadruplets.

Mass circulation newspaper Bild am Sonntag  says the mother was initially “shocked” at her four-baby pregnancy.

“After the doctor discovered there were four, I had to give it some thought to begin with,” Bild quoted her as saying, adding however she had not considered it an option to reduce the number of embryos.

Raunigk here with one of her grandchildren.
Raunigk here with one of her grandchildren.

Asked about the moral implications, RTL quoted her as saying: “I think, one must decide that for oneself.”

10 years ago, when Raunigk gave birth to her 13th child, Bild did a feature on her and quoted her as saying she had only envisioned having one child.

If you wonder whether her teacher’s salary is enough to support her large family its doubtful. However, in countries outside of the U. S. there is a built-in support system that cares for and supports its citizens with a variety of medical and other types of insurance.

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  1. She appears sane and the kids will be well taken care of and when she is too old they have enough brothers and sisters to be just fine !!!

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