Felony Charge for Woman Who Killed Boyfriends’ …Wait for It…Goldfish


*No, this isn’t a joke.

And although it may be hard to take it seriously, I wouldn’t dare laugh. Here’s something I’ll be you won’t find funny. Apparently, you can actually be put in jail for killing goldfish. It just happened to a Florida woman who has been charged with felony animal cruelty after killing her boyfriend’s goldfish.

Angela Garcia, 32, allegedly destroyed her boyfriend Norris Johnson’s apartment. And as if that wasn’t enough, she reportedly poured bleach into his fish tank.

The fact that Garcia was arrested isn’t surprising, but that she was charged with felony counts of animal cruelty in addition to criminal mischief is kind of mind blowing.

It appears the couple had an argument and the property was destroyed; after which Johnson demanded that Garcia get out. But a police report says Garcia was out on bond when Johnson agreed to let her stay there for two days.

Mr. Johnson’s son, D’Andre Johnson, left home for a while and smelled bleach when he got home. He also noticed many items had been destroyed. Garcia is responsible for $1500 worth of property damage, according to police. The son said he’d tried to contact his father but was unable to reach him.

The felony on the fish may seem higher than usual, but fish are pets too, and the act was allegedly intentional. It is interesting though, that some animal lives are valued more than others.

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