Former Uber Driver in Jail for Rape, Cleared After ‘Secret Recording’ Surfaces (Video)

Uber driver charged with rape
Maxime Fohounhedo

*A woman who lies about rape is not only deplorable; but she puts the future word of any true victims at risk. And unfortunately, it is taken for granted that anytime a woman says that she was raped, she is telling the truth. Its a slippery slope indeed, but one that is, at times, standing on the rocky foundation of a lie.

A lie that Maxime Fohounhedo, a driver for the mobile app-based transportation network called Uber lost his job over, and could have spent the next ten years of his life in prison paying for – had he not been a smart, fast thinker. Suspecting a setup, as it turns out the driver secretly recorded his interaction with an intoxicated female passenger who would later claim that she was raped by him.

As a result of the recording, Sally Daly, a spokeswoman for the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, has confirmed that after hearing the recordings, Fohounhedo, who has been in jail since last December, will be released from jail by the state.

Maxime F, at home

“The case was charged in good faith based upon the accounting provided by the complaining witness as well as physical evidence,” Daly said.

“At the end, she gives him a big hug and a big kiss,” Fohounhedo’s attorney, Shady Yousif, told the Tribune. “That’s not somebody who’s in fear of her life.”

But the false accusations have changed Fohounhedo’s life. He immediately lost his job and income and he and his family have suffered economically.

No one should have to endure a tragedy such as this based on a lie.

What do you think should happen now? Should the woman have charges pressed against her for the false accusations and hardship this man and his family had to endure?

Perhaps the video news report directly below will help you decide.


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2 thoughts on “Former Uber Driver in Jail for Rape, Cleared After ‘Secret Recording’ Surfaces (Video)”

  1. It’s a shame that her lies cost him his job, jail time & public humiliation. She should at least be held accountable for her lie. She should be charged with providing false allegations & serve time in jail just has he had to.

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