The Man That Cop Shot in the Back Was Wanted for Child Support…But He Was Also a Vet

Screenshot, Walter Scott & Family
Screenshot, Walter Scott & Family

*Officer Thomas Slager let hate and prejudice get the best of him when he couldn’t control his rage and shot 50-year old Walter Scott in the back as he attempted to flee. The Charleston police officers’ actions has drawn national outrage after a video was released showing the shooting.  Scott died on the scene as a result of his injuries, and it has been reported that Slager only called for back up after he noticed a person recording the incident from afar.

I was personally under the impression that someone this audacious would have shot and killed that person, had he seen him. 

But everybody has a story right. And Scott was no exception. He was actually a veteran of the U. S. Coast Guard. Its reported that he was being held by Slager because of missing child support payments and a resulting warrant from family court. Otherwise, the man’s only history of violence was for an assault and battery charge 27 years ago, in 1987.

Walter Lamar Scott
Walter Lamar Scott

In the video you can hear the officer saying something about a pawn shop. But pawn shop smarn shop, this is just one more shooting that shows cops don’t think #blacklivesmatter and the national outrage that assessment has garnered due to the consistency with which cops have shot black men; many of whom were being apprehended for minor, non-violent charges. A fact which has added to the sting of the police shootings.

“The fact is that black men are more likely to interact with police because they are the ones most likely to be harassed over minor issues or nothing at all,” said Dr. Boyce Watkins, who worked with Russell Simmons to convince President Obama to reconsider American incarceration policies.  “The idea that this non-violent man was killed over child support payments should make us take a second to think about what kind of country we’re living in.”

And you can’t help but wonder why, even in the day and age of the technology, officers think they can lie their way out of anything.

Originally, Slager claimed that he killed Scott because he feared for his life after the man took his stun gun.  But he was left with nothing but a stammer after the video emerged, showing the truth that led to his murder conviction.

Attorney General Eric Holder has called for extensive reviews in the nation’s policing policies particularly as they relate to racial disparities.

Because Scott was murdered, four children have been left without a father.

I pity the police dept. that attempts to excuse what this officer did.

5 thoughts on “The Man That Cop Shot in the Back Was Wanted for Child Support…But He Was Also a Vet”

  1. No pity to the police department. They have been very successful over the past few hundred years getting people to ignore obvious truth , no consideration for them, even through facetious, cynical comments that allow them an opening to continue killing blacks because they are black.
    As for the audacity of the cop, the video recording cooled his audacity and brought him back to reality. A person like this, operating with impunity from the social and civil protection of white racism is conscious of what he is doing even if YOU ARE NOT!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you for providing us readers a glimpse into Walter Scott’s life. It is a sad reality that this is necessary for so many people to see that this man and every other person killed through pathological police brutality are human beings and not objects or animals.

  3. This is the reason why black men have no respect for the law. Because the law have no respect for black people.

  4. In reply to: D Luniz-1282741 #3.5

    “edit: nm, both were vets of the coast guard

    Very distressing to me… sigh

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