PU…Woman Accused of Pooping in Kmart…And She Wasn’t in the Restroom!

Melissa Jacobsen
Melissa Jacobsen


*In hindsight, I guess Kmart store personnel should have taken her T-shirt as some kind of clue. I mean, who wears a T-shirt with a dump truck on it that reads, “dropping a load.” But that’s just what this woman at a Kmart in Racine, Wisconsin is accused of doing. The load she dropped was not the clothes she had come in to return, though.

It was a big pile of her own poop.

Melissa Jacobson, 49, was picked up and taken to jail on Monday after she allegedly slid behind one of the stores’ cash registers and defecated in a box of security tags, JournalTimes.com reports.

And it was all caught on a security camera. Uh, don’t worry. We won’t share it here.

On the footage a woman, who was later identified by authorities as Jacobson, did “the do” around 10:22 a.m. It sounds like she made herself at home too, reaching for paper towels beneath the counter when she was through. And its not like she just left afterwards. No, according to The Smoking Gun, she went to the customer service desk and did what she had originally come to do: return her items.

Amazingly, it took over two hours before employees started smelling something foul around the register and discovered the human poop in the box, which was also soaked with urine.

At that point, officers were called to the scene.

One worker told investigators that Jacobson was a regular customer who “should know where the public restrooms are located.” Another employee said the suspect did not appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or in any special need to go to the bathroom, according to the police complaint.

Since Jacobsen had just returned merchandise, her address was readily available and Kmart employees gave it to officers.

When they went to the house, they met a woman who identified herself as Melissa Jacobson and she was wearing the same pants, tennis shoes and “dropping a load” shirt seen on the surveillance footage, RacineUncovered.org reports.

And do you know Jacobson denied pooping at the Kmart, even after she was told about the footage. Officers said she resisted their attempts to take her into custody.

Jacobson faces three misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct, resisting an officer and obstructing an officer, according to JournalTimes.com.

But she is free on $500 bond and will have a pre-trial conference on April 30. The Smoking Gun reports that part of her bond condition states she have no contact with Kmart.

3 thoughts on “PU…Woman Accused of Pooping in Kmart…And She Wasn’t in the Restroom!”

  1. Nasty ass bitch! All she had to do was go to the restroom! I’m telling y’all that we are in the final days. Satan’s disciples are running wild!

  2. So now I guess we can all look forward to women who plop out titties to breast feed in public coming to this pig’s defense because, after all, what she did is a natural act. We may as well be prepared to have to deal with more of the same in this it’s-all-about-me society.

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