A Fatal ‘Accident’ We Still Can’t Get Over: Woman Killed By Cop’s Gun, While Hugging Him

Adaisha Miller
Adaisha Miller

*It was July 8, 2012  the weekend before Adaisha Miller‘s 25th birthday and she wanted to celebrate early. So she accepted the invitation of a friend to go to an outdoor social event thrown by law enforcement agent Isaac Parrish. At the party, while dancing with Parrish, Miller allegedly hugged him and the service gun in his lodged in his waistband misfired and caught her in the lung and heart, according to Sgt. Eren Stephens and Yolanda McNair, the woman’s mother. Miller died  from her wounds soon after in a local hospital.

The shooting happened around 12:30 a.m. on the city’s west side and Parrish, said to be ‘very remorseful’ afterwards, was placed on administrative duty while the incident was being investigated.

Miller’s parents were beside themselves with despair at the loss of their child; who they say had everything to live for.

“For this to happen to her, whether they want to call it freak accident or mistake in judgment, it should have never happened to my child, and there’s nothing I can do to get her back,” McNair told WDIV-TV.

But two years later, in February of 2014, Parrish was cleared of any wrongdoing. The reason being not enough evidence could be found claiming he actually fired the gun.

But here’s the thing: for the life of me, I can’t even picture how a gun in the waistband of a person, can shoot another person in the lungs and heart–instead of the ground or a foot. I mean, is it a stretch to assume the position of the gun was pointing down (as in the picture below)?

Or am I crazy? 

And the issue still doesn’t appear to have been adequately addressed.

While prosecutors did question the angle of Parrish’s gun, whether he had properly secured the weapon in his waistband, and if he should have even been carrying his gun at all; the ultimate ruling was that the firing of his weapon was an accident for which Parrish was not responsible.

But that’s not an answer, its a statement.

And the fact that Miller lost her young life as a result of the “accident” — coupled with the fact that her family has received no retribution against those responsible for her death — is an unfathomable travesty.

According to Fox, Miller’s family continues to fight for Adaisha’s justice and through their attorney, Gerald Thurswell, they say Parrish should have been held responsible for the incident.

“You don’t have a loaded gun without a safety concealed in your pants at a party where people are drinking, where people are partying, where people are dancing,” Thurswell said.

Gun in pants

The Wayne County prosecutor’s office, however, disagrees. 

Through office spokeswoman Maria Miller, a statement reads, “After [Detroit police] did an investigation, our office was presented with paperwork on this, and we conducted an independent investigation and found insufficient evidence to charge the officer.”

Parrish has resumed his position on the force. And his assignment to desk duty until the investigation ended was the only price he had to pay. He was never suspended or even held accountable.

It’s as if Adaisha’s #blacklifedidn’tmatter, after all.

And that’s a damn shame.

Adaishas parents holding picture


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