Woman Knew Cops Wouldn’t Believe Her, So She Recorded Her Rape (By Parole Officer!)

Zachary Thomas Bailey
Parole Officer Zachary Thomas Bailey was recorded as he raped his parolee.


*People are getting wise and taking steps that is making it more and more difficult for crimes against them to be ignored. And as long as cellphone cameras remain in existence there will be no turning back. Still, the crimes being committed by the very people employed to protect us makes my skin crawl. Being in a position of authority in the corrections system appears to be a safe haven for some of the most corrupt and hateful people on the planet. More and more the public is being provided with evidence of what the end game is when you place power in the wrong hands.

One woman, who has caught on to how crimes are handled by police; who are trained to take care of their own first, took matters into her own hands when she actually recorded her parole officer raping her.

No need to blink twice in an effort to see better, you read it right the first time.

The woman alleges she was raped by parole officer, Zachary Thomas Bailey, in her home, after she refused to have sexual intercourse with him following his threats to take her back to prison.

She knew police officers wouldn’t believe her, so she grabbed a cellphone and started recording.

Bailey reportedly went to the woman’s Coral Spring’s home under the auspices of carrying out a study. But when the 50-year-old policeman got to her bedroom, he blocked her in and inappropriately touched her genitals.

Assuming he got away with the act the first time, he returned a day later, and asked the woman for a massage. When she refused, Bailey undressed, put on a condom, and then sexually assaulted the woman.

It was reported that in both assault incidences, the victim’s daughter was in the next room.

“The video is extremely explicit,” said the woman’s attorney, Bradford Cohen. “It actually shows what her accusations are.”

“The victim said, ‘This is rape. This is rape. I don’t want you to do this,’” said Coral Springs Police Lt. Joe McCue after having a look at the video. “Unfortunately, she was in fear that if she reported this, he would violate her probation and put her back in jail.”

A condom believed to have been used by the victim was found in the room. As investigations continue, the police have secured both the video and the condom as part of the evidence.

“This is someone who is hired to protect you,” said McCue, “and you don’t expect your probation officer to be acting in this manner.”

Bailey, who has since been fired, was arrested and charged with 2 sexual battery charges. He had been attached to the Florida Department of Corrections for more than 25 years.

Now police are hoping to hear from others that may have been assaulted by Bailey.

“At this time, we’re really uncertain if there are additional victims out there or not. However, if there are additional victims, you need to go to the authorities,” said McCue. “Don’t be afraid your probation is going to be violated. It’s very important that you come forward.”

Now I guess Mr. Bailey will be somebody’s bee-och behind bars.

Do you think this victim’s courageous actions changed what the outcome would have been without the videotape?

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