Steve Harvey ‘Joke’ Pisses Off Mom With Special Needs Son

Steve Harvey and Woman, Special Needs

*Wow, I didn’t know other black women had a problem with Steve Harvey, too? And even my problem with him has diminished now; because he seems happier since he remarried. But alas, this is not about me. This is about a woman who says, unlike many of her sister-friends that have a ‘huge’ problem with the comedian, she does not.

Uh…did not. At least not before he had the nerve to make fun of a special needs woman. And she didn’t find his ‘joke’ funny.

The woman said she’s used to women in her circle or “circles like” hers who find the comedian hard to take. Now, of course she admits to finding his relationship advice “a bit trite” and describes some of his  observations as “dismissive and offensive – but she gave him a pass because, well, most of the time she finds him funny. She is also touched by the mentoring he offers  young men at Disney every year. And feels the good outweighs the bad.

While she says Harvey is just a reminder of a lot of black men his age, she doesn’t subscribe to the plan that expects her to keep her mouth shut when somebody is outright wrong.

So she has a serious bone to pick with dude about one of the characters he portrays: ‘Sister Odell’. The character told a story about a 34-year-old woman with a mental disability, complete with offensive noises and more.

The story offended this mother to no end, and she couldn’t wait to drop her kidS off at school, and record an impassioned message to put on social media, to let Steve Harvey (and comedians like him) know how she felt. 

Check out her nearly five minute video below.

Here are some highlights for those who can’t watch:

 The woman begins: This is now my fourth time recording this video because I’m trying to keep it clean. I’m so pissed, it’s been laced with profanities. I want this video to be shared so I’m trying to keep it as clean as possible.

She describes the offense: 

This morning, Steve Harvey, as Sister Odell, made a “joke”  about Easter Sunday and going to church and something to the affect of the sister next to me has a daughter who is slow and she’s always blowing bubbles in the service. And then Shirley and all his crew are laughing…And then he says, ‘Oh yeah, they dress her in little pink dresses, and little bobby socks and she 34-years-old but got the mind of a four year old.

Then her emotional reaction

The fact that he is making this joke on such a public program, that disturbed me… I don’t understand why comedians still use people with special needs as their go-to joke to get laughs. Damon Wayans did it with “In Living Color,” when I was 9-years-old watching that show, even then I was like ‘Damn, this is really messed up.’ And I didn’t even have anyone in my family who had special needs. I was always taught that you don’t make fun of people who cannot change that about them… And over the years, I have realized that every comedian does it or has done it. Rickey Smiley does it all the time. I am no longer a Rickey Smiley fan because of this.

I just want Steve Harvey and all comedians to know that this is not funny. This is our life! I have a child with autism, which is a developmental delay, that means that that child who I take to church, may enjoy blowing bubbles or playing with a toy to keep her calm, so I can get the word. That is what I’m going to do. That’s the child you’re making fun of.

Get some other material. Why are you constantly making fun? I’m sorry we have to deal with this ‘Oh my gosh, we have kids with special needs and we’re so sensitive and we can’t take a joke.’ No! We can’t take a joke because this is our life. Stop making fun of people with special needs. It’s not funny. It is never funny. There’s no joke about it.

She adds a bit more pointed words before she is cut off. And if they don’t make Harvey cringe, I don’t know what will. But she had no hopes of Harvey even seeing the video; but asked viewers to “like” and “share” the video widely.

And then she gets cut off.

Well as it turns out, Mr. Steve did get wind of the video or if not the actual video, the talk surrounding it, because look what he posted on his Facebook page.

To everyone, please accept my sincerest apologies. It was not my intent to hurt any one. Sister Odell is a made up…

Posted by Steve Harvey on Friday, March 27, 2015

While all of this may look well and good. The mother had issues with his “apology.”

Read what she had to say about it at MadameNoire. Here’s a hint: People know b. s. when they hear it.

2 thoughts on “Steve Harvey ‘Joke’ Pisses Off Mom With Special Needs Son”

  1. Don’t underestimate special needs people. They can take a joke even bad ones. They are usually more resilient just because of their problems. Stop sugarcoating life to them.

    I think the real problem is that people didn’t get the joke. Harvey was playing a fictitious devout christian character. So the irony is that even though she is devoutly christian, she was comfortable making fun of the 34-old.

    But even then, why didn’t she go against South Park and dozens of other shows where special needs people are casually made fun off?

    Comedy must have no limits. It must have the right to be upsetting,
    offend and even make mistakes. This wakes up society from slumber. It introduces to uncomfortable ideas by lowering our defences with laughter. All great comedians explored tough topics through comedy. So this shows that special needs is still a social taboo. But we must allow comedians to make mistakes in achieving that goal because comedy is not a perfect science.

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