Freak Accident: Pennsylvania Man Killed By Mother-in-Law’s Falling Tombstone


*No, I’m not making a sick joke by writing this headline; it really happened. In what can only be called a terrible, freak accident – a man was killed in a Pennsylvania cemetery. Stephen Woytack and his wife had decided to go to the cemetery and decorate the tombstone of his mother-in-law ahead of the Easter holiday. But somehow, during the process, the tombstone suddenly fell over, and the 400-pound stone fatally wounded the man, crushing him, according to Edward Kubilas, a caretaker at St. Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery in the eastern Pennsylvania town of Throop, just outside of Scranton.

It happened on Monday morning. Woytack had been kneeling next to the grave marker as his wife tied a cross on the other side, Kubilas said.  Then, out of nowhere, the stone just fell over into the soft earth, pinning Woytack, 74, underneath.

“His wife came running to get me,” Kubilas told Reuters. “By the time I got there, he was not too good. I got half the stone off him. It must have been adrenaline.”

Although the police and ambulance came quickly and helped Kubilas remove the rest of the 4-foot by 4-foot stone off of Woytack, it was too late.

“It’s a tragic thing. There’s nothing you could do,” Kubilas said.

According to the caretaker, Woytack and his wife visited the cemetery several times each year to decorate the family plot.

So sad.

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