Y&R Fans…Let’s Talk: Should ‘Drucilla’ Return as Ghost (Like John and Cassie)?


UPDATE: Be sure to scroll down to see video of Y&R cast members Bryton James (Devon) and Mishael Morgan answer fans questions

*In the picture above, Phyllis Newman (formerly played brilliantly by Michelle Stafford) had fought with Drucilla Winters (played engagingly by Victoria Rowell), before Winters fell off the cliff. Never to be heard from again. Fans of Y&R were left to wonder: Did Drucilla die? Or has she lost her memory and started a new life somewhere? I HATE loose ends!!! Die hard fans of The Young & The Restless don’t even front, I know you’re out there. I just know we have some readers who are true hard core Y&R fans that have been watching the show for the past  er, uh, wait, I’m not falling for that oneumpteen years 🙂 But am I the only one who is noticing the story lines have gotten a lot stronger? There are obviously new writers who are starting to pack a punch!

With that said, I’m through talking about scenes to a computer that can’t talk back. It can’t respond when I tell it I have a problem with what Jack said; what Phyllis had the nerve to do now, and what Devon was obviously thinking with when he decided to cheat with his father’s wife?

It can’t speculate with me as I wonder if old wounds will EVER heal and the on-again-off again campaign for a certain actress to return to the show…even as a GHOST periodically, will ever happen.

In other words, I want to talk about it..with YOU!

Wouldn’t you love to hear from the cast themselves. For example, Eric Braeden, who as fans know originated the role of the notorious “Victor Newman” (and probably gets writer’s credit by now), loves the new head writer, and the direction the show is taking.

“I am happy with the show and with what Chuck Pratt has been doing. Very happy. There is a clarity to the work now, a kind of long-term purpose. I am absolutely fascinated by the Neil storyline, with the wife and the son having an affair right under his nose. Fascinated! And the scenes with Neil and Nikki drinking together! Kristoff St. John (Neil) and Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) played the hell out of that. I do not want to denigrate the previous writers, but this is a different slant and a clearer line laying the groundwork for the future.”

Now that’s real. And how about this,

“Victor thinks Jack is a dick and a son of a bitch and he always will. They don’t ever change.”

So I wanna be startin’ something…with YOU.  Let’s talk about the scenes that move us and how WE think they should have been played, written, or developed.

Here’s how we can make it work.

This is Victor's face as he disguises the scheme he's playing on you
This is Victor’s face as he disguises the scheme he’s playing on you

Scroll down to the ‘Comments’ section and start somethin’ by telling us what moved you today on The Young & The Restless. Or you can take a screenshot of your favorite scene (using your smartphone) and upload it. But be sure to tell your side of what’s happening in it.

Or share a story as a fan. Like mine below…

I remember one time, well, the only time actually, that I went to a Y&R fan function. At the time I worked at 92.3 The Beat in L.A., and at the event, which was held at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood (if I recall correctly!) the entire cast of Y&R posed for a photo op just for me. Well, if you can imagine a scene where I’m in the middle of photographers who actually take pictures for a living.

Summer and Austin. WTF, who knew??
Summer and Austin. WTF, who knew??

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And they are all screaming some cast members’ name demanding “over here. Over here!” So I join in (me and the disposable camera I picked up from CVS or someplace on the way) and I chime in, “Over here!” at just the right time and the entire cast (of at least 50 at the time), stared in my direction and saw me with a little store bought camera and cracked up! Then a cast member declared with a laugh “Now that’s gonna be the shot!”

And it was…Unfortunately, I have no idea where it is now.

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Adam and Chelsea = Trouble
Adam and Chelsea = Trouble

There is a deadline for this “trial project.” Because if no one participates, it won’t work and I will move on to something else. But if you wanna be startin’ something’, be sure to add your “name” to your post – and the most exciting posts will be showcased in a weekly Y&R roundup.

Don't we miss Drucilla? Can you imagine her returning as a ghost?
Don’t we miss Drucilla? Can you imagine her returning as a ghost?

Lets see how much traction we can get over the weekend. I want you to post Monday through Friday if you feel strongly about what happened on the show that day. How many of you will post something you would’ve done better or differently on the show? How many will share a new storyline they’d like to see or the return of an old one. This project starts today, March 27. PLEASE NOTE: If there are not enough posts made within one week, ending midnight April 3rd, the deals off the table and it’s a as you were, kids!





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  1. OK, I’ll start. I want to know why Abby keeps putting herself in these precarious positions. Now she’s in Ben’s room. VICTORIA’S MAN. He’s drunk, in mourning, and about to take a shower, She says, all dumb-blonde-like, “Maybe I should go with you,” and he replies, “No, the last time I let that happen I cheated on Victoria.” This is news to Abby’s ears. Secretly she is happy that there is somebody else out there cheating on a married mate. Now she doesn’t have to feel alone. And I’m getting kind of tired of the whole lipstick on the mirror thing.

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