Watch Croc Fight Three Lions at Once and More Amazing Videos

Amazing videos

*Do you remember the world before the Internet? Thinking back, it was a little less exciting. We can definitely chime in on the pros and cons of technology, right? But you’ve got to admit, the Internet has opened the gates for us to see some pretty amazing stuff. Take a look at some of it in the videos below and scroll down to show us your own amazing videos for an upcoming feature.

Who’da thunk it? At first the fight started off fair. One crocodile. One lion. But then two of the lions buddies joined in.

Uh oh. Sh*t just got real.

Wanna see? Watch that video and more below.

Footnote: The incident took place at Samburu National Park in Kenya. “The crocodile’s focus is to keep facing the lions. Should the crocodile turn his back on the pride, they would be all over him and it would be game-over. In the end you can see the croc slowly retreats, whilst still maintaining a watchful eye on the lions. Facing them means that not only can he keep an eye on them, but can also attack if the need arises,” wildlife expert Johan van Zyl told the Latest Sightings blog.

All ended well in a stalemate though. The lions got bored and left. And the croc, though ego wounded, was not seriously hurt.


*In a ‘I ain’t got shit else to do’ moment, dude gave himself a “Toothpick” challenge and decided he was going to put 3,000 toothpicks in his long ass beard.

Take a look below.

Footnote: As you can see, he found himself searching for more space at the 2,747 mark. But still, that ain’t half bad.


*Few words are needed about this next video, where a 7-week old baby actually says, “Hello.” You’ve got to watch this one until the end!



*In what has to be the SLOWEST CHASE EVER, this explorer interrupts a mating session between two huge tortoises. It doesn’t take long before the male decides to do something about it!

Check it out!

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