Why Oh Why? Mother Admits She Killed Her Children & Kept Bodies in Freezer

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*If I had to reveal the most horrible story I’ve ever written, this would have to be it: hands down. A Detroit mother named Mitchelle Blair (pictured) has claimed responsibility for killing two of her four children; whose bodies were found stuffed in black plastic bags in a freezer that sat in the living room. The gruesome discovery was made after an eviction order was acted upon.

Blair, 35, was living in another apartment in the same complex the bodies were found in, at the time the gruesome discovery was made.

At first, it was not known if the two remaining children knew what had occurred with their deceased siblings. But since the alleged confession by Blair, it has been determined that they were aware of their mother’s actions.

The children’s bodies are said to have been in the freezer anywhere from one to two years. 

Blair admitted she killed 9-year-old Stephen Berry first and 13-year-old Stoni Blair a year later after she discovered they had been molesting a young relative, two police sources familiar with the case said Wednesday.

WARNING: Disturbing photo directly below.

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“Pray for those children,” said Gordon, a retired Detroit police child abuse investigator, about the surviving siblings. “They saw things nobody should ever have to see. I have no idea what it was like for them to live with those bodies all that time. I can’t even imagine.”

Authorities would determine that the bodies, found wrapped in a plastic bag had been in a freezer for more than a year whilst the mother continued to live at the Martin Luther King apartments with her two other children, aged 11 and 17.

It’s absolutely unfathomable to wrap one’s brain around this woman coming to terms with what she did and describing herself as ‘Loyal to my babies,’ on her Facebook page, where she also goes by the name “Angel” and recently posted a photo saying, ‘There is no greater blessing than being a MOM.’

What an insult to use the word “blessing.”

It seems rather odd that the mother chose to kill the children, instead of reporting the molestation. Also, that her son was molested by his younger sibling…seems a bit off; only because one would think an older child would be able to defend himself. But then to force your children to look at the freezer daily? Its no stretch of the imagination to assume they will need a lifetime of therapy. In any event, prior to being taken away WXYZ Detroit reports the woman said that her son was raped and that the child’s sexual assault had been carried out by his siblings. 

No weapons were discovered after the apartment was searched.

Authorities say that the cause of death won’t be known until after autopsies are conducted.

Tori Childs, who resides in the complex, said she often saw the children and sometimes gave them clothes or food.

They were ‘the nicest kids’ she said, ‘So respectable’. 

Shanetria Lanier, another neighbor in the complex, said her sister received a phone call around 6am on Tuesday from a woman who lives inside the apartment.

The woman asked to stay at Lanier’s sister’s home with her two children that day, according to Lanier, and was there when the bodies were found. 

The woman also added that Blair explained the absence of her missing children by telling neighbors ‘the children were staying at an aunt’s house.’

And since Blair home-schooled her children, Lanier determined,

‘That’s why no schools were wondering where they were.’

An official with Detroit Public Schools said there was no record of the children attending classes in the district.

Prior to the arrival of bailiffs Tuesday morning the mother had told another neighbor: ‘… if you don’t never see me again just know that I love you,’

Reports say Blair filed two paternity suits previously. One in 1999 which resulted in a man being ordered to pay child support, and another in 2007 against another man with the same result.

Blair was sued by Martin Luther King Apartments for non-payment of rent six times going back to 2004.

Wayne County prosecutors charged Blair on Wednesday with four counts of first-degree child abuse, a 15-year felony; and one count of committing child abuse first-degree in the presence of another child, a felony punishable by up to life in prison.

She was set to be arraigned at 10:30 a.m. Thursday in 36th District Court.


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