Craigslist Ad Seeks an ‘Overweight Mammy’ Type for Antebellum Party


*Ah Craigslist. The site where you are likely to find anything. Jobs, apartments, houses, a lover, therapy groups, prayer groups, slaves. Oh wait! SLAVES? Well, this remains to be seen. But at least you can advertise for some. 

And as is the case with anything on the free market; especially online, where anything goes because you’re invisible and can’t be held accountable, there are also scams, cons, and those who mock or simply offend people…intentionally.

Which brings us to this ad on Craigslist. It looks genuine — and I suppose if you view it cockeyed you might even be able to see it as an acting job. But more than likely, you’ll find yourself thinking, “WTF?”

The location page for the Craigslist ad (seen below) is Atlanta. And it’s headline reads: “Antebellum Party & Mandingo Fighting (Buford)”:

“I am throwing an Antebellum (sic) themed birthday party for my husband at our home on 5/2/15. I am looking for some domestic staff to help out in the kitchen, serve meals, and greet our guests. The (sic) must be black. I am looking for one overweight mammy type and two average looking black men. The mammy must be comfortable with a rag on her head and the two black guys should be comfortable wearing an iron collar and little clothing. The highlight of the party is going to be a Mandingo fight, like the one from Django unchained (sic). I am looking for two athletic black men who want to wrestle naked until one submits (no punches!) while the guests make bets on them like at a horse race. I realize this is kind of humiliating, but my hubby loves that movie, so I am welling (sic) to compensate very generously. Willing to provide transportation as well if needed.”

Either nobody thought this was cute, or the positions have been filled, because the ad has since been taken down.

The compensation for the whole slavery-themed affair, because no one can deny that is exactly what it is, was $40 an hour (plus tips) for the domestic staff and a $600 flat-fee for “each of the Mandingos” just like in the movie Django because, don’t forget, her husband really loves that movie.

Although the ad was removed from the site, it was not before some folks captured it and shared the screen shot of it. Now, a violation message announcing the listing as being marked for deletion now sits in its place.

 But again, that doesn’t mean it was deleted because it offended anyone. As anyone who looks at Craigslist often knows, once the seller has found a buyer, if they’re “thoughtful” they will remove/delete the ad.

So we may never know unless…someone takes pictures at the party.

Stay tuned.

“Party over here!”

But before I go, I have a question I want you to answer as honestly as possible. These people want to have an antebellum-themed party. Should they not because its offensive to black people? Its a party. How should they have asked, or should they not have it at all?

Antebellum themed party

source: your black world

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