Unmitigated Gall! Chinese Restaurant in Africa Won’t Allow Blacks After 5PM (Watch)

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*From the title alone, the height of your rising blood pressure is not lost on me, readers. You are enraged for several reasons. Allow me to vent for a sec on your behalf. One, you might be thinking, “How dare these mother*******! Black people are not even allowed to live in China for any significant amount of time -let alone start a business there. So why are Chinese people allowed to open a restaurant in Africa? And now, they have the unmitigated gall to refuse admission to black Africans after the 5 o’clock hour?

Yeah. I feel you. And if I were with you physically right now, I would at least consider your request to, “hold you back!”

Hey, do we really need any more signs proving that racism is real? And it is at times like this, when these little tidbits of information comes out, that we might recall all those “warnings” from our friends on their individual soapboxes, that chide us for loving shows like ‘Empire.’ The images they say “are about buffoonery and other negative things” that ignorant asses all over the world RELY ON to learn about us. Or help form their perception of us.

Well, this is what they do with that “knowledge.” Disrespect black people in their own country.


This restaurant, located in Nairobi, simply goes by the name, Chinese Restaurant. And they represent businesses that have made a place on the continent of Africa, yet have policies that openly disrespect their black customers. In this case, their policy doesn’t accept blacks after 5 pm. The video below (scroll down) describes the story and will probably leave you as confused as we are right now.

Chinese Restaurant in Kenya

On the video it is stated by the restaurant managers that their Chinese customers feel safer if black people are not around. They also say that they can be sure that none of their customers is a member of the terrorist group Al-Shabaab. They do claim that they have some Kenyans they welcome with open arms, but they do not accept just anyone.

Now if you’re anything like me, readers, the question floating around in your head might be, “Why then, do these black Africans continue to support an establishment that rejects them?” And if you are me, you be saying don’t judge these people, because you probably don’t know the whole story.”

But that graciousness wouldn’t last. A second later I’d think, “I don’t give a damn about the whole story. I know enough to NOT support it.”

Ya feel me?

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