Woman Sues Mental Hospital for ‘Not Believing Obama Follows Her on Twitter’ (He Does)

Brock, Obama follows her on Twitter

*Assumptions keep getting people in trouble. In this case, an assumption has an entire hospital in hot water. When a Long Island woman insisted that the leader of the free world, president Barack Obama, follows her on Twitter – doctors at the Harlem Hospital psych ward accused her of being delusional and suffering from bipolar disorder — but she was actually telling the truth, a lawsuit charges.

Kam Brock spent a frightening eight-days at the mental facility and was force-fed injections of powerful sedatives, and downed doses of lithium, according to medical records obtained through her lawsuit – which was filed in Manhattan Federal Court.

The records also maintain that doctors didn’t believe the president follows her on Twitter — though @BarackObama follows over 640,000 accounts.

…including hers.

They also challenged the fact that she worked at a bank, records show.

“I told (the doctor) Obama follows me on Twitter to show her the type of person I am. I’m a good person, a positive person. Obama follows positive people!” Brock, whose Twitter handle is @AkilahBrock, said.

Kam Brock’s Twitter account, @AkilahBrock, pictured below, shows that President Obama follows her on Twitter.

Kam Brocks Twitter Account

The Astoria Bank worker’s story is backed up by a “master treatment plan” from Harlem Hospital.

“Objective: Patient will verbalize the importance of education for employment and will state that Obama is not following her on Twitter,” the document reads.

It adds, “patient’s weaknesses: inability to test reality, unemployment.”

To make already bad matters worse, Brock received a bill from the hospital for $13,637.10, she charges in her suit seeking unspecified damages.

How did this whole thing begin?

Brock’s car, a 2003 BMW 325Ci, was confiscated in Harlem on Sept. 12 because they suspected she was high on weed, her attorney, Michael Lamonsoff, said. Cops found no marijuana but confiscated her ride anyway, he said. The NYPD declined to comment.

The following day, Brock walked into the NYPD’s Public Service Area 6 station-house in Harlem to retrieve her car, her suit charges.

Brock, 32, has admitted in an interview that she is “emotional” — but the Jamaican woman, who has dreams of making it big in the entertainment business — insisted she in no way is an “emotionally disturbed person.”

Cops cuffed her anyway, and put her in an ambulance bound for the hospital, her suit charges.

Brock has sued the city and Harlem Hospital after being held for eight days at the hospital.

“Next thing you know, the police held onto me, the doctor stuck me with a needle and I was knocked out,” Brock said, tearing up. “I woke up to them taking off my underwear and then went out again. I woke up the next day in a hospital robe.”

Lamonsoff said race may have been a factor in the way Brock was treated.

“How would you act if you were being told you were crazy?” he said.

Brock endured a horrible experience at the hospital for eight days. She attended group therapy, endured injections of sedatives, and took lorazepam and lithium, medical records show, according to Lamonsoff.

She wasn’t even told why the hospital finally let her go, Brock said.

Harlem Hospital declined to comment. The city Law Department said the suit would be reviewed.

As Brock wages her court battle, she had one wish. “Follow me on Twitter! Like Obama does!” she said.

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