Watch: White Parents on Fox News Say They Were Outraged By Black History Program, Daughter Participated In

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*One thing we’ve learned about Fox News…they’re consistent. When we’d heard snippets of reports around town using their name in the same breath as Black History month, it threw us for a minute, until we learned they were just being them: laying out a welcome mat for all the other…how shall I put this, conservative thinkers. Take Rebecca and Charles, who went on the Fox News morning show ‘Fox & Friends’ to express their outrage over a Black History Month event held in their 8-year-old daughter’s school district.  The segment opens with a “Trouble With Schools” headline followed by ominous music. The event is presented as “pushing an anti-police program.

Keeping with the pattern Fox News has taken so long to build, that of a non-diverse, often intolerant presentation of issues, a set of white parents are being interviewed by a white anchor about why they were uncomfortable with the school district’s Black History Month event that demonstrated support for the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

“Everywhere that we looked were students, high school students, wearing shirts that said ‘Black Lives Matter, I Can’t Breathe,” described Rebecca, as if the chant was something vulgar. “As I was flipping through my program, it had ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot.’” Stated Charles, the girl’s father, who said that he wanted to take his child out of the auditorium immediately. The mother agreed with the father after she was made to feel uncomfortable by a reference to the killing of Michael Brown,and chimed in, “I immediately realized that this was not something that was a good idea for my daughter to be seeing.”

The parents are demanding an apology from the school district. They feel that they should have been given a heads up about the content of the event and that they were caught off guard by questions their daughter had regarding, “why do cops shoot Black people, and why do cops shoot good people,” according to As a deputy sheriff, the father did not want his daughter exposed to the not-so-heroic, ugly side of law enforcement.

Yes, there are two sides to every story, but this side is seen as insulting to black parents; parents who must often discuss how to  not be the victim of unwarranted police brutality, with their children. The fact that this white father felt inconvenienced by the task of having to “have a discussion with [his] daughter in great detail about current events,” A conversation that he feels, “he should never have had.”

In true Fox News fashion, the school district is portrayed negatively. And called ‘troubled’ and offensive for engaging its students in current events. Host Elizabeth Hasselbeck compels viewers to see the white parents as victims, telling the father that his daughter questioning his integrity and work was ‘disheartening.’ Its doubtful viewers were surprised that Hasselbeck, who maintained a look on her face usually reserved for a death in the family, fails to make any mention of how disheartened Black parents must feel knowing that police officers kill a person of color every 28 hours or to report the relevant news of Black UVA honor student Martese Johnson being beaten bloody by Alcoholic Beverage Control officers.

School district superintendent Brenda Tanner took the more logical approach and read a statement defending the students. “I support the young people. They didn’t show anger, they didn’t show defiance. They were presenting information in a way that they were trying to deal with issues. And they kept a recurring theme throughout the night was our lives matter.”

Watch the often disturbing video report directly below.

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  1. They’re upset they never got an apology? Too bad, none of the victims or their family members got apologies when all of these black (mostly males) were murdered by police. What’s wrong with teaching elementary aged kids about Current Affairs? Better teach them now than in Black History month 75 yrs. from now. I’m glad the school allowed this to happen. Because so many white (and other races, sadly including black) people are so oblivious to these sad facts of black people being killed so often by the police. We should be talking to our kids about things like this. And if you are a mother of a young black child, particularly boys, I hope you’re having talks about this injustice that too often occurs. I am a white woman with two black sons, I have always talked to them and their friends about this. We must also talk to them about the fact that there are still great officers who try their best to do the right thing and usually will, I don’t want my child to have a serious hatred against police, and have to often remind myself to not do the same. But they should have an honest awareness of the facts and possibilities. When my son doesn’t make it home on time, I’m mostly concerned about police, not all the other bad and crazy people out here. Parents of white children just can’t understand this.

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