Dad Who’s Wife Died After Giving Birth to Quadruplets Doing Well

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*Nothing could be more heartbreaking than losing the mother of your children after childbirth. But this is what happened to the father of quadruplets, who lost his wife soon after their babies were born. The internet wrapped its arms around this little family when a fundraising page got thousands of dollars in donations almost immediately.

Now that this father has been home with all four babies, we are all anxious to see how he is adjusting to his new life as a single dad.

Carlos Morales’s wife, Erica, gave birth to quadruplets named Carlos Jr., Tracey, Paisley and Erica — via C-section on January 16, and went into hypovolemic — a condition that involves severe blood loss, soon after.

Sadly, Erica, 36, died a few hours after her children were born.

Two months later, Morales, 29, is back home with all four children, who he told People are thriving. “Even when they scream their heads off I want to give them the biggest kiss,” Carlos said, describing his four kids as “beautiful blessings.” Erica and Paisley weren’t released from the hospital until last week, but Carlos Jr. and Tracy have been home for nearly a month,.

“Erica was supposed to be here. We were supposed to do this together,” said the Phoenix, Ariz., dad who of course never imagined raising his children without his wife. “She was so prepared for this. She even wrote down in her iPad every single thing she had to make sure she had to do to have a healthy pregnancy.”

But its amazing how resilient people are. And Morales has quickly taken on the task of single fatherhood and all that it entails. He has taken parenting classes at the hospital where the quads were born, and already recognizes his children’s distinct personalities. “I already know their quirky little habits or the next time they’re going to cry,” he told People. “They’re starting to form their own personalities.”

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But Morales is quick to credit the support of friends, family and even complete strangers. His mother-in-law, Sondra Bridges, has moved from Memphis to Phoenix to help him care for his new family. “She is a savior,” Morales said. “I really don’t know what I would do without her. The babies need her, too.” )

Bridges had always planned to help raise her grandchildren, and told People that even before the quadruplets were born, she promised this to her daughter. “Erica told me, ‘Mom, I’m going to need your help. I’m having four babies,’” Bridges said. “So I moved from Memphis, Tennessee, and into their home.”

Today, Bridges changes diapers, soothes crying babies, and intends to share stories with the children about their mother. “She was my best friend. She gave me guidance, always offered a unique perspective on everything and had a smile on her face no matter what,” she said about her daughter. “I knew [when Erica died] that these babies might not have their mom anymore, but they would never be alone.”

And the nearly $400K in donations that was raised online has helped the family through some rough spots. The fundraising page was started by Erica’s best friend, Nicole Todman after her death, and Morales was overwhelmed with gratitude.

“I am so blown away by how kind people are to donate,” the new dad said. “It’s unbelievable.”

Source: Yahoo Parenting


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