OK. OK. Officer, I Shouldn’t Have Done It, But Did You Have to Taser Me ‘There’? (Watch)

naked man taser


*Oh my, now that’s going to leave a scar.

Hey, no one knows why people do the crazy stuff they do. But the latest “crazy thing” seems to be men walking around the streets stark naked. And since the look will be a certain invitation for a cop with nothing to do, why not point that taser in the most obvious place. The place your eyes would undoubtedly go to, if you were looking straight at an undressed man.

But its a cruel, cruel thing to shoot a man right in the nuts. Yet that didn’t stop this cop, who aimed his taser, and fired!

And as you may have guessed, it was all captured on someone’s phone.

The video shows a naked man walking towards a police car in a residential area. We don’t know exactly where it is, but the cop is telling the man to get “Out of the street. Out of the street. Before the man runs towards the officer.

A crack is then heard and the suspect falls to the ground with a screech.

Its a woman filming the incident, and she can be heard gasping in shock, before the officer yells at the injured man and screams, “Put your hands out to your side now.”

Another police car is heard approaching as the cop directs the suspect to roll over onto his stomach.

One onlooker asks the woman filming the scene: “Did you get the whole thing?”

To which she replies, that it is still recording, and adds: “I think he tased him in the d***.”

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See the naked man get tasered there for yourself, in the video below.


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