Dayum! California Man Can’t Find His Winning Lotto Ticket! His Reality is Our Worst Nightware

Can't you just feel his pain?
Can’t you just feel his pain?

*Damn! Damn! Damn! Sorry to cuss, but I feel for this dude. According to Reuters, the Southern California resident came forward to claim a $1 million lottery prize but was sent home empty-handed because he said while he bought the winning ticket he later misplaced it, a lottery official said on Friday.

The six-month deadline had passed for a ticket holder to claim the $1 million Powerball prize in the California Lottery drawing, according to spokesman Alex Traverso .

The winning ticket was sold at a supermarket in Rosemead, less than 10 miles (16 km) east of Los Angeles, and a video camera at the store captured the moment when it was sold to a young man with close-cropped hair.

In an attempt to prompt the winner to come forward before the September 2014 drawing deadline, lottery officials had released video to the media that showed the purchase in an attempt to prompt the ticket holder to come forward.

Well, the poor guy did come forward and was even told there was no doubt he looked like the guy in the video, but, without a ticket in hand, no money could be released to him.

He went to a California Lottery district office in Santa Fe Springs and attempted to claim the prize, but his talk with officials there were futile, Traverso said.

“They said he resembled the guy in the video, so there was a resemblance. It wasn’t an uncanny resemblance,” Traverso said.

Traverso said the young man reported having misplaced the winning ticket, which had five of six numbers in the Powerball drawing and won a secondary prize, not the jackpot.

Under the rules of the multi-state Powerball game, no winner can claim a prize without the ticket, he said.

“It’s just an unfortunate situation because when we have people win prizes like this we want them to be able to claim them. We want to have them shout from the rooftops that they’re a big lottery winner,” he said.

This is the second time a California lottery ticket buyer has lost out on a prize since officials in 2012 began releasing video images of winning ticket purchasers in an attempt to find them, Traverso said.

While I am sad for the guy, at least the money will go to a great cause. The winning $1 million prize will go to California schools under the rules of the state lottery system.

Let this be a lesson: Hold on tight to those lottery tickets. Don’t let them out of your sight until you know for a fact, they are worthless.

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